Plant Tropisms

Edited by Simon Gilroy and Patrick Masson 
Blackwell  October 2007  

Hardback  240 pp  ISBN 9780813823232      £140.00
Tropisms, the defined vectorial stimuli, such as gravity, light, touch, humidity gradients, ions, oxygen, and temperature, which provide guidance for plant organ growth, is a rapidly growing and changing field. The last few years have witnessed a true renaissance in the analysis of tropisms. As such the conception of tropisms has changed from being seen as a group of simple laboratory curiosities to their recognition as important tools/phenotypes with which to decipher basic cell biological processes that are essential to plant growth and development. Plant Tropisms will provide a comprehensive, yet integrated volume of the current state of knowledge on the molecular and cell biological processes that govern plant tropisms.


1. Mechanisms of Gravity Perception in Higher Plants: Aline H. Valster and Elison B. Blancaflor
2. Signal Transduction in Gravitropism: Benjamin R. Harrison, Miyo T. Morita, Patrick H. Masson and Masao Tasaka
3. Auxin Transport and the Integration of Gravitropic Growth: Gloria K. Muday and Abidur Rahman
4. Phototropism and its Relationship to Gravitropism: Jack L. Mullen and John Z. Kiss
5. Touch Sensing and Thigmotropism: Gabriele B. Monshausen, Sarah J. Swanson and Simon Gilroy
6. Other Tropisms and their Relationship to Gravitropism: Gladys I. Cassab
7. Single-Cell Gravitropism and Gravitaxis: Markus Braun and Ruth Hemmersbach
8. Space-Based Research on Plant Tropisms: Melanie J. Correll and John Z. Kiss
9. Plan(t)s for Space Exploration: Christopher S. Brown, Heike Winter Sederoff, Eric Davies, Robert J. Ferl, and Bratislav Stankovic

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