Plant Desiccation Tolerance

Edited by Matthew Jenks and Andrew Wood 
Blackwell  October 2007  

Hardback  340 pp  ISBN 9780813812632      £135.00
Plant desiccation tolerance is of great basic and applied scientific interest. Understanding plant responses and adaptations to severe desiccation is key to applying desiccation tolerance research to the improvement of economically important crops. Plant Desiccation Tolerance brings together a field of international researchers to provide a current review of the advances in plant desiccation tolerance research. The book is broken up into three sections: Vegetative Desiccation Tolerance; Desiccation Tolerance of Pollen, Spores, and Seeds; and Applications of Desiccation Tolerance Research. Completely up-to-date and written by leading desiccation experts, Plant Desiccation Tolerance will be of great interest to plant researchers and plant and crop science professionals.


1. Plant desiccation tolerance: diversity, distribution, and real-world applications
2. Lessons on dehydration tolerance from desiccation tolerant plants
3. Mechanisms of desiccation tolerance in Angiosperm resurrection plants
4. Desiccation tolerance in lichens
5. Desiccation tolerance: gene expression, pathways and regulation of gene expression
6. Seed desiccation-tolerance mechanisms
7. The glassy state in dry seeds and pollen
8. DNA structure and seed desiccation tolerance
9. Structural dynamics and desiccation damage in plant reproductive organs
10. Desiccation tolerance genes and avenues for crop improvement

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