An Introduction to Plant Breeding

Jack Brown and Peter Caligari 
Blackwell  January 2008  

Paperback  224 pp  ISBN 9781405133449      £50.00
Plants have been successfully selectively bred for thousands of years, culminating in incredible yields, quality, resistance and so on that we see in our modern day crops and ornamental plants. In recent years the techniques used have been rapidly advanced and refined to include molecular, cell and genetic techniques.

An Introduction to Plant Breeding provides comprehensive coverage of the whole area of plant breeding. Covering modes of reproduction in plants, breeding objectives and schemes, genetics, predictions, selection, alternative techniques and practical considerations. Each chapter is carefully laid out in a student friendly way and includes questions for the reader. The book is essential reading for all those studying, teaching and researching plant breeding.


Chapter 1 - Introduction.
Chapter 2 - Modes of reproduction and types of cultivar.
Chapter 3 - Breeding objectives.
Chapter 4 - Breeding schemes.
Chapter 5 - Genetics and plant breeding.
Chapter 6 - Predictions.
Chapter 7 - Selection.
Chapter 8 - Alternative techniques
Chapter 9 - Practical considerations.

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