Scenario innovation - Experiences from a European experimental garden

M B A Asselt, J Rotmans and D S Rotman 
CRC Press  July 2005  

Hardcover  290 pp  ISBN 9789058096845      £77.00
The key theme of Scenario Innovation - Experiences from a European Experimental Garden is one that constantly challenges decision-makers: dealing with complexity. One way is to envision the future - which is precisely what the Visions project, the European experiment referred to in the title, set out to do. This book contributes to an understanding of complexity by addressing the question of how to design and structure envisioning processes. The authors propose an integration method for multi-scale integrated assessments of the future. Issues addressed in this study on the future of Europe involve energy, climate change, water, transport, infrastructure, environmental degradation, consumption, employment and equity.

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