Resource Management Information Systems: Remote Sensing, GIS and Modelling, Second Edition

Keith R. McCloy 
CRC Press  December 2005  

Hardcover  616 pp  ISBN 9780415263405      £73.00
  • Explores how to integrate remote sensing, GIS, and modelling technologies into information systems and apply these systems in the management of resources
  • Enables you to choose a spatial analysis software system that best supports your needs
  • Covers visual interpretation and map reading, the analysis and interpretation of vegetation, and image processing
  • Investigates the collection of field data, and its use in visual interpretation and the classification of digital image data
  • Discusses geographic information systems (GIS) topics including Raster and Vector data analysis, data management, modelling, and uncertainty
  • Details how to use spatial technologies as decision support tools
  • Contains a CD-ROM that includes data, notes on applications, and Web addresses for data analysis software

Resource Management Information Systems: Remote Sensing, GIS and Modelling, Second Edition provides you with the knowledge and skill necessary to design, build, implement, and operate spatial resource management information systems for the management of physical resources. This volume promotes the use of these technologies in a spatial context, enabling you to apply information systems toward the management of resources in agriculture, forestry, land use planning, valuation, engineering, and many additional fields.

A follow-up to the first edition, Resource Management Information Systems: Process and Practice, this book offers extensive revisions, reflecting the rapidly evolving nature of the technologies needed to manage spatial resources.


  • Introduction
    Goals of this Book Current Status of Resources Impact of Resource Degradation Nature of Resource Degradation Nature of Resource Management Nature of Regional Resource Management Information Systems Geographic Information in Resource Management Structure of this Book
  • Physical Principles of Remote Sensing
    Introduction Electromagnetic Radiation Interaction of Radiation with Matter Passive Sensing Systems Active Sensing Systems Hyperspectral Image Data Hypertemporal Image Data Platforms Satellite Sensor Systems
  • Visual Interpretation and Map Reading
    Overview Stereoscopy Measuring Height Differences in a Stereoscopic Pair of Photographs Planimetric Measurements on Aerial Photographs Perception of Colour Principles of Photographic Interpretation Visual Interpretation of Images Maps and Map Reading
  • Image Processing
    Overview Statistical Considerations Pre-Processing of Image Data The Enhancement of Image Data Analysis of Mixtures or End Member Analysis Image Classification Clustering Estimation Analysis of Hyper-Spectral Image Data Analysis of Dynamic Processes Summary
  • Use of Field Data
    The Purpose of Field Data Collection of Field Spectral Data Use of Field Data in Visual Interpretation Use of Field Data in the Classification of Digital Image Data Stratified Random Sampling Method Accuracy Assessment Summary
  • Geographic Information Systems
    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Data Input Simple Raster Data Analysis in a GIS Vector GIS Data Analysis Functions (Susanne Kickner) Data Management in a GIS Advanced Analysis Techniques in a Vector GIS - Network Modelling (Susanne Kickner) Advanced Raster Analysis Techniques in a GIS Modelling in a GIS Uncertainty in GIS Analysis Presentation in a GIS Three-Dimensional GIS
  • The Analysis and Interpretation of Vegetation
    Introduction Regional Vegetation Mapping and Monitoring Signatures of Vegetation Modelling Canopy Reflectance Estimation of Vegetation Parameters and Status Classification of Vegetation Analysis of Vegetation Phenology Concluding Remarks
  • The Management of Spatial Resources and Decision Support
    Introduction Nature of Management of Rural Physical Resources Process of Decision Making in Resource Management Decision Support Systems and Their Role in Decision Making Other Project Management Tools Concluding Remarks
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