Environmental Policy and Public Health

Barry L. Johnson 
CRC Press  December 2006  

Hardback  467  ISBN 9780849384349      £60.00
  • Describes environmental policy and risk assessment
  • Summarizes the structure of how the federal government addresses environmental hazards
  • Discusses influences on environmental health policy
  • Provides essay questions at the end of each chapter

Advances in environmental protection and public health result from democratic processes that debate environmental health concerns and propose legislative and other policy solutions. Delineating the delicate relationship between environmental policy and public health, Environmental Policy and Public Health explores the development of environmental health policies, the statutes that address public health concerns about specific environmental hazards, and policy issues that impact environmental health programs.

Covering the fundamentals of environmental policy, this concise guide identifies the steps in environmental policy making, the federal government's environmental health structure, and the general environmental status. It focuses on environmental hazards, including air contamination, water pollution, unsafe food, pesticides and toxic substances, and hazardous waste that have been associated with degraded human health. The book provides a unique description of international environmental health organizations and programs and describes how risk assessment has become an integral policy in environmental health legislation.

Presenting a historical perspective of how environmental health has evolved, Environmental Policy and Public Health is the first book to bridge human health concerns and environmental protection. The book relates the relationship between controlling environmental hazards and the impact on human health and public health practice. It outlines how environmental justice has evolved and has been integrated into government environmental policies.


  • Fundamentals of environmental policy
  • Steps in environmental health policy making
  • Federal Government's Environmental Health Structure
  • General Environmental Statutes
  • Air and Water Statutes
  • Food Safety Statutes
  • Pesticides and toxic substances Statutes
  • Solid and hazardous waste statutes
  • International environmental health programmes
  • Policy impacts of environmental equity/justice
  • Policy impacts of risk assessment

Glossary of key terms

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