Recent Trends in Fuel Cell Science and Technology

Edited by S Basu 
Springer  2007  

Hardback  260 pp  ISBN 9780387355375      £94.00
Jointly published with Anamaya Publishers, New Delhi, India who retain distribution rights in India.

The book covers all the proposed fuel cell systems including PEMFC, SOFC, PAFC, MCFC, regenerative fuel cells, direct alcohol fuel cells, and small fuel cells to replace batteries.

Of interest to researchers in Electrochemistry, Materials Science, industrial Chemistry/chemical Engineering


  • Electro-analytical Techniques in Fuel Cell Research and Development.
  • Polymer Electrolyte Memebrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC): Principles, Designs and State of the Art.
  • Gas Diffusion Layer.- Water problem in PEMFC and its Countermeasures.
  • Micro Fuel Cells.
  • Direct Conversion of Coal-Derived Carbon in Fuel Cells.
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Principles, Designs and State of the Art.
  • Direct Alcohol Alkaline Fuel Cell.
  • Power Conditioner for Fuel Cell.
  • Future Direction.
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