Potatoes Postharvest

C Bishop, R Pringle and A K Thompson 
CABI  February 2009  

Hardback  320 pp  ISBN 9780851995021      £90.00
The potato is an important world crop. This books brings together the various postharvest considerations, including principles of storage, store design, potato handling, quality control, and store management. It describes the different technical methods of potato storage used worldwide, for example box, bag and bulk storage. It is essential reading for researchers and potato growers, both large-scale commercial producers, and low-input tropical producers.

Of relevance to horticulture, crop science, agricultural engineering.


  • Physiology
  • Harvesting and store loading systems
  • Store climate
  • Disease control in store
  • Store design and structure
  • Store ventilation
  • Store refrigeration
  • Store environment control
  • Store management
  • Seed grading and preparation for planting
  • Packhouse and processing facilities
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing and costs
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