Agricultural Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Protection: Seeds of Change

Edited by J Kesan 
CABI  June 2007  

Hardback  416  ISBN 9781845932015      £90.00
Scientists are becoming progressively more involved in developing methods for increasing agricultural productivity and designing plants with certain qualities. As such, genetic engineering has given plant breeders a means to exercise property rights over different varieties of plants. This has created many implications and given way to much controversy, with most objections being raised against the idea of owning life. With the use of comparative studies, this book discusses the legal, agribusiness and public policy issues that connect intellectual property protection with advancements in agricultural biotechnology.

Of interest to students and practitioners in intellectual property and agribusiness. Also, agricultural industry and intellectual property lawyers.


  • Patented Inventions and Externalities: Hohfeldian Legal Relationships As They Apply to Pollen Drift and Other Inadvertent Use
  • Insecure Property Rights and Plant Varieties: The Effects on the Market for Seeds and on Farmers in Argentina
  • Rules v. Standards for Patent Law in the Plant Sciences
  • The regulatory regime and its impact on innovation activities in agro-food biotechnology in the EU and USA
  • Agricultural Biotechnology under Trips and Beyond: Addressing Social Policies in a Pro-Patent Environment
  • The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights in the Plant/Seed Industry
  • Constitutional Implications of State Seed Saving Statutes
  • Dynamic Pricing Mechanism to Achieve Pareto Optimality in a Seed Production Contract
  • Cereal Offenders: Access and Equity in Trade Negotiations on Knowledge Resources
  • Public Provision of Knowledge for Policy Research: The Agricultural Biotechnology Intellectual Property Database
  • An Economic Comparison of the Incentive to Innovate under Patents and Plant Breeders€ Rights
  • The Political Economy of Intellectual Property:
  • Re-Examining European Policy on Plant Biotechnology
  • Legal Constraint of Genetic Use Restriction Technologies
  • The Strength and Structure of Intellectual Bio-Property Markets
  • Network Analysis for Interpreting Patent Date: A Preliminary, Visual Approach
  • Reality and Problems of Plant Protection under Patent Law and Seed and Seeding Law in Japan
  • Running Head: Plant Variety Protection in the Republic of Korea
  • To Sow or Not to Sow: Dilemmas in Creating New Rights in Food
  • Social and Economic Consequences of
  • Genetic Use Restriction Technologies in Developing Countries
  • Economic Impact Assessment of Intellectual Property Rights Regulation: The Case of Egypt
  • Biodiversity and Biotechnology: A Misunderstood Relation
  • Seed Biotechnology, Intellectual Property, and Global Agricultural Competitiveness
  • Agricultural Innovation after the Diffusion of Intellectual Property Protection
  • History and Trends in Agricultural Biotechnology Patent Law from a Litigator€s Perspective
  • Integrative Essay: Seeds of Change € A Link among Legal, Economic and Ag-Biotechnology Communities
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