Multifunctional Agriculture: A Transition Theory Perspective

G Wilson 
CABI  April 2007  

Hardback  368 pp  ISBN 9781845932565      £80.00
In a time of great agricultural and rural change, the notion of 'multifunctionality' has remained under-theorized and poorly linked to wider debates in the social sciences. This book analyses the extent to which the proposed transition towards post-productivist agriculture holds up to scientific scrutiny, and proposes a modified productivist/non-productivist model that better encapsulates the complexity of agricultural and rural change. By combining existing notions and concepts, this book (re)conceptualizes agricultural change, creating a new transition theory, and a new way of looking at the future of agriculture.


Part 1: Conceptualising Transition

  • Theorising transition
  • Transitions: Social and natural science debates
  • Reconceptualising transition: The complexity of transitory systems

Part 2: From Productivist to Post-Productivist - and back again?

  • Productivist agriculture
  • Post-productivist agriculture
  • 'Post-productivism' or 'non-productivism'?

Part 3: Conceptualising Multifunctional Agricultural Systems

  • Contemporary conceptualisations of multifunctionality
  • (Re)conceptualising multifunctionality
  • Multifunctional agricultural transitions
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