Vegetable Brassicas and Related Crucifers

G R Dixon 
CABI  November 2006  

Paperback  416 pp  ISBN 9780851993959      £40.00
Number 14 in the Crop Production Science in Horticulture Series.

The Brassica crops provide the greatest diversity of products derived from a single genus. As vegetables they deliver leaves, flowers, stems and roots that are used either fresh or in processed forms. This book covers the Occidental crops derived from B. oleracea (cole or cabbage group) and Oriental types from B. rapa (Chinese cabbage and its relatives).

Both groups are of immense importance for human nutrition, containing vital vitamins and cancer preventing substances.

Of interest to those in horticulture and plant biology.


  • Origins and Diversity of Brassica and its Relatives
  • Breeding, Genetics and Models
  • Seed and Seedling Management
  • Developmental Physiology
  • Crop Agronomy
  • Competitive Ecology and Sustainable Production
  • Pests and Pathogens
  • Post Harvest Quality and Value
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