Developmental Genetics of the Flower

Edited by Doug Soltis, Pamela Soltis and Jim Leebens-Mack 
Academic Press  September 2006  

Hardback  616 pp  ISBN 9780120059447      £118.00
  • Provides a brief review of genes known to regulate flower development
  • Articles emphasize the classic ABC model of flower development

Current major interests in this area include the study of higher level phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in the angiosperms, floral evolution, the genetic basis of key floral differences in basal angiosperms, the genetic and genomic consequences of polyploid speciation, conservation genetics of rare plant species, and phylogeography. This book provides a series of papers focused on the developmental genetics of flowering as well as the genetic control of the timing of flowering. Investigation of speciational mechanisms, evolutionary relationships, and character evolution in flowering plants and land plants utilizing a variety of experimental approaches are discussed. The chapters are excellent reviews of the current fast-moving area of research.


  • Angiosperm floral evolution: morphological developmental framework, Peter K. Endress
  • Recent developments regarding the evolutionary origin of flowers, Michael W. Frohlich
  • Duplication, Diversification and Comparative Genetics of Angiosperm MADS Box Genes, Vivian F. Irish
  • Beyond the ABC Model: Regulation of Floral Homeotic Genes, Laura M. Zahn, Baomin Feng and Hong Ma
  • Missing links: DNA-binding and target gene specificity of floral homeotic proteins, Rainer Melzer, Kerstin Kaufmann and Günter Theißen
  • Genetics of floral development in Petunia, Anneke Rijpkema, Tom Gerats and Michiel Vandenbussche
  • Flower development: The Antirrhinum perspective, Brendan Davies, Maria Cartolano and Zsuzsanna Schwarz-Sommer
  • Floral developmental genetics of Gerbera (Asteraceae), Teemu H. Teeri, Mika Kotilainen, Anne Uimari, Satu Ruokolainen, Yan Peng Ng, Ursula Malm, Eija Pöllänen, Suvi Broholm, Roosa Laitinen, Paula Elomaa and Victor A. Albert
  • Gene duplication and floral developmental genetics of basal eudicots, Elena M. Kramer and Elizabeth A. Zimmer
  • Genetics of grass flower development, Clinton J. Whipple and Robert J. Schmidt
  • Developmental Gene Evolution and the Origin of Grass Inflorescence Diversity, Simon T. Malcomber, Jill C. Preston, Renata Reinheimer, Jessie Kossuth and Elizabeth A. Kellogg
  • Expression of Floral Regulators in Basal Angiosperms and the Origin and Evolution of ABC Function, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis, Sangtae Kim, Andre Chanderbali, and Matyas Buzgo
  • The molecular evolutionary ecology of plant development: Flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana, Kathleen Engelmann and Michael Purugganan
  • A Genomics Approach To The Study Of Ancient Polyploidy and Floral Developmental Genetics, James H. Leebens-Mack, Kerr Wall, Jill Duarte, Zhengui Zheng, David Oppenheimer and Claude dePamphilis
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