Cork: Biology, Production and Uses

Edited by Helena Pereira 
Elsevier  March 2007  

Hardback  346  ISBN 9780444529671      £84.00
  • Presents comprehensive coverage from cork formation to post-harvest procedures
  • Explains the physical properties, mechanical properties and quality of cork
  • Addresses topics of interest for those in food science, agriculture and forestry

This comprehensive book describes cork as a natural product, as an industrial raw-materials, and as a wine bottle closure. From its formation in the outer bark of the cork oak tree to the properties that are of relevance to its use, cork is presented and explained including its physical and mechanical properties.

The industrial processing of cork from post-harvest procedures to the production of cork agglomerates and composites is described.

Intended as a reference book, this is the ideal compilation of scientific knowledge on state-of-the-art cork production and use

Of interest to academic and professional readers in biology, chemistry, and materials science as related to food science, forest and forest products science.



Part I: Cork Biology

  • The Formation and Growth of Cork
  • The Structure of Cork
  • The Chemical Composition of Cork

Part II: Cork Production

  • The Cork Oak
  • The Extraction of Cork
  • The Management of Cork Production
  • The Sustainability of Cork Oak Forests

Part III: Cork Properties

  • Macroscopic Appearance and Quality
  • Physical Properties and Moisture Relations
  • Mechanical Properties

Part IV: Cork Processing and Products

  • Post-Harvest Processing
  • Products of Natural Cork
  • Cork Agglomerates and Composites

Part V: Wine and Corks

  • Bottling and Types of Cork Stoppers
  • The Quality of Cork Stoppers
  • Wine and Cork


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