Nature Conservation - Concepts and Practice

Edited by Dan Gafta and John R Akeroyd 
Springer  November 2006  

Hardcover  460 p., 113 illus., 53 in colour, with vegetation  ISBN 9783540472285      £180.00
This book provides a multi-disciplinary coverage of the broad fields of species, community and landscape conservation. The wide panel of contributors, including botanists, zoologists, ecologists, architects, lawyers and journalists, consider a range of topics in vegetation and biodiversity assessment, planning and management of conservation zones and protected areas, together with historical and social/legal issues of the environment and nature conservation. The case-studies reported emphasize the importance of traditonal phytosociologal, floristic and faunistic research, in combination with cutting edge molecular biology and genetics. The book celebrates the life's work of Professor Franco Pedrotti, who has done so much to propagate a holistic view of conservation.

Of interest to practitioners and researchers in the fields of Nature Conservation, Conservation Planning and Management.


  • Proeminent Pioneers of Nature Conservation.
  • Social and Legal Aspects of Conservation.
  • Biodiversity Assessment.
  • Contributions to Conservation Biology.
  • Conservation Planning and Management.
  • Nature Conservation in Practice.
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