High Performance Fillers for Polymer Composites 2009

Rapra technology  2009  

Softback  20 papers  ISBN 9781847353894      £100.00
These are the proceedings the conference held in 4-5 March 2009, Barcelona, Spain

Expert speakers from both industry and academia presented papers on a wide range of important topics relevant to today€s conditions.

Presentations discussed insight into current and predicted filler markets, how fillers can lead to cost savings, new milling processes, the development of new filler types, the continued evolution of natural fibre fillers, use of fillers as flame retardant additives, the potential to improve the compatibility of mixed polymer waste, recent developments in nano-particulate fillers and new additives for use with silica fillers, especially in energy (green) tyre applications.

The Conference Proceedings are now available for general release. The wide ranging, technical papers will appeal to compounders, moulders, processors, materials specialists, polymer engineers and researchers in polymer science as well as end users of polymer materials.

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