Bacteriocins - Ecology and Evolution

Edited by M A Riley and M A Chavan 
Springer  Febuary 2007  

Hardcover  150 p., 15 illus., 4 in colour  ISBN 9783540366034      £72.00
Microbes produce an extraordinary array of defense systems. These include bacteriocins, a class of antimicrobial molecules with narrow killing spectra, produced by bacteria. The book describes the diversity and ecological role of bacteriocins of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, presenting a new classification scheme for the former and a state-of-the-art look at the role of bacteriocins in bacterial communication.

It discusses the molecular evolution of colicins and colicin-like bacteriocins, and provides a contemporary overview of archaeocins, bacteriocin-like antimicrobials produced by archaebacteria. Furthermore, various modeling (in silico) studies elucidate the role of bacteriocins in microbial community dynamics and fitness, delving into rock-paper-scissors competition and the counter-intuitive survival of the weakest. The book makes compelling reading for a multi-faceted scientific audience, including those working in the fields of biodiversity and biotechnology, notably in the human and animal health domain


  • Introduction, Margaret A. Riley
  • The Diversity of Bacteriocins in Gram-negative Bacteria, David Gordon, Elizabeth Oliver, and Jane Littlefield-Wyer
  • Molecular Evolution of Bacteriocins in Gram-negative Bacteria, Milind Chavan and Margaret A. Riley
  • The Diversity of Bacteriocins produced by Gram-positive Bacteria, Nicholas C. K. Heng, Philip A. Wescombe, Jeremy P. Burton, Ralph W. Jack, and John R. Tagg
  • Peptide and Protein Antibiotics from the Domain Archaea: Halocins and Sulfolobicins, Richard F. Shand and Kathryn J. Leyva
  • The Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of Model Bacteriocin Communities, Benjamin Kerr
  • Bacteriocins Role in Bacterial Communication, Osnat Gillor
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