Forest Landscape Ecology - Transferring Knowledge to Practice

Edited by Ajith H Perera, Lisa J Buse and Thomas R Crow 
Springer  February 2007  

Hardcover  236pp  ISBN 9780387342429      £94.00

Softcover  236pp  ISBN 9780387342436      £49.00
The discipline of landscape ecology has matured rapidly over the past few decades, generating a wealth of knowledge that can be used to enhance forest policy development and management. However, much of this knowledge has yet to be applied in practice.

Forest Landscape Ecology: Transferring Knowledge to Practice is the first book to introduce landscape ecologists to the discipline of knowledge transfer. The book considers knowledge transfer in general, critically examines aspects of transfer that are unique to forest landscape ecology, and reviews several case studies of successful applications for policy developers and forest managers in North America. Readers are encouraged to recognize the value of sharing their knowledge, and to understand their role in active knowledge transfer. The intent is to connect, as seamlessly and effectively as possible, ecological principles to policy and practice.

This book is written for researchers, academics and students in landscape ecology and related fields, as well as policymakers and land and resource managers who are interested in landscape-level approaches.

Written for ecologists, land managers, forest managers, students, professionals.


Foreword by Monica Turner

  • Knowledge Transfer in Forest Landscape Ecology: A Primer
  • Transfer and Extension of Forest Landscape Ecology: A Matter of Models and Scale.
  • A Collaborative, Iterative Approach to Transferring Modeling Technology to Land Managers.
  • Development and Transfer of Spatial Tools Based on Landscape Ecological Principles: Supporting Public
  • Participation in Forest Restoration Planning in the Southwestern United States
  • Transferring Landscape Ecological Knowledge in a Multi-Partner Landscape: The Border Lakes Region of Minnesota and Ontario
  • Applications of Forest Landscape Ecology and the Role of Knowledge Transfer in a Public Land Management Agency.
  • Moving to the Big Picture: Applying Knowledge from Landscape Ecology to Managing U.S. National Forests.
  • Fundamentals of Knowledge Transfer and Extension.
  • Synthesis: What are the Lessons for Landscape Ecologists?.

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