Advances in Plant and Animal Boron Nutrition

Edited by Xu, F.; Goldbach, H.E.; Brown, P.H.; Bell, R.W.; Fujiwara, T.; Hunt, C.D.; Goldberg, S.; Shi, L. 
Springer  October 2006  

Hardcover  402 pp  ISBN 9781402053818      £165.00
Boron is one of the essential micronutrients for higher plants growth and development, and more and more studies have been conducted to establish boron as an essential element in animals and humans.

This book reviews all aspects of boron research in recent years and is based on the Third International Symposium on all Aspects of Plant and Animal Boron Nutrition which was held in Wuhan, P.R. China. The following issues are discussed: boron sorption mechanisms in soils deficiency and toxicity of boron boron fertilizer application basic research on the physiology and molecular biology of plant boron nutrition the nutritional function of boron in animals and humans

This book is aimed at scientists, Masters or PhD students focusing on boron research field. Furthermore, it provides managers involved in agricultural production with an important reference to recent developments in boron nutrition research. Written for libraries; research workers and students; specialists and professionals in chemical fertilizer companies; agricultural production managers


Plenary Review: Boron functions in plants and animals: recent advances in boron research and open questions Heiner E. Goldbach, Longbin Huang and Monika A. Wimmer

Part I Boron in Plants

  • Physiology and Metabolism of Boron in Plants
  • Boron modulation of chilling and freezing tolerance in leaf cells of warm season species Longbin Huang, Richard W Bell and Bernard Dell
  • Influence of boron on xylogenesis in Pinus radiata organ cultures Tracy Putoczki, Juliet Gerrard and Sandra Jackson
  • Influence of boron on Al absorption and Ca releasing of root border cells of pea (Pisum sativum) Min Yu and Heiner E. Goldbach
  • Influence of boron and aluminum on production and viability of root border cells of pea (Pisum sativum) Jiayou Liu, Min Yu, Changquan Wang and Yingming Feng
  • Differences of membrane lipid peroxidation, activities of protective enzymes and polyamines content in leaves between two cotton cultivars with different boron efficiency Mingjian Geng, Lishu Wu, Xiangyun Cao and Wuding Liu
  • Update on boron toxicity and tolerance in plants Robert Reid
  • Boron Nutrition and Boron Application in Crops
  • Studies on plant boron nutrition and boron fertilization in China Yunhua Wang, Lei Shi, Xiangyun Cao and Fangsen Xu
  • An alarming boron deficiency in calcareous rice soils of Pakistan: boron use improves yield and cooking quality A. Rashid, M. Yasin, M. A. Ali, Z. Ahmad and R. Ullah
  • Hidden hunger for boron in tropical cauliflower: evaluation of boron sources and methods for correction M. Edward Raja
  • Absorption of foliar sprayed boron and its translocation in the citrus plants when applied at different phenological phases Rodrigo Marcelli Boaretto, Takashi Muraoka, Maria Fernanda Giné and Antonio Enedi Boaretto
  • Cotton and wheat responded to boron on high-pH calcareous soils in Pakistan M. Ibrahim, A. Niaz and M.Y. Nadeem
  • Potato responses to boron and zinc application in a calcareous Udic Ustochrept A. Rashid, M. Masud Mahmood, E. Rafique and K. Farooq
  • Occurrence and correction of boron deficiency in wheat and mustard in Bangladesh M. Jahiruddin, M.U. Ahmed, M.A.Hossain, M.R. Islam, and M.F. Islam
  • Boron deficiency and its nutrition of groundnut in India A.L. Singh, Vidya Chaudhari and M.S. Basu
  • Poor tree form in Eucalyptus nitens linked to boron deficiency Timothy E. Smith
  • Response of €schattenmorelle€ tart cherry trees to drip boron fertilization Pawel Wojcik
  • Effect of micronutrients on citrus-fruit yield growing on calcareous soils M. Ibrahim, N. Ahmad and S. A. Anwar and T. Majeed
  • Development of new boron micronutrient and determination of product applications Gaye Çakal, Ferhat, M. Engin Çelen, Sinem Sener, Süleyman Taban and S. B. Shukla
  • Boron requirement and distribution in the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq) and some implications on manuring practices K. J. Goh, H. H. Gan, K. K. Kee, P. S. Chew and K. C. Teoh
  • Genotypic Differences of Boron Nutrition in Plants
  • Physiological and genetic bases of boron utilization efficiency in Brassica napus Fangsen Xu and Yunhua Wang
  • Genotypic differences in tolerance to B deficiency in mango in India M. Edward Raja
  • Differences of cell wall constituents between different B-efficient rapeseed cultivars Yuhua Yang, Lijun Wang, Min Yu, Changwen Du, Yunhua Wang and Lishu Wu
  • Determination of suitable maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes to be cultivated in boron-rich central Anatolian soil E.E. Hakki, E. Atalaya, M. Harmankay, M. Babaoglu, M. Hamurcu and S. Gezgin

Part II Boron in Animals and Humans

  • Dietary boron: evidence for essentiality and homeostatic control in humans and animals Curtiss D. Hunt
  • Dietary boron: evidence for a role in immune function Jerry W. Spears
  • Boron as a dietary factor for bone microarchitecture and central nervous system function Forrest H. Nielsen, Barbara J. Stoecker and James G. Penland
  • Boron and prostate cancer a model for understanding boron biology Curtis Eckhert, Wade Barranco and Danny Kim
  • Boric acid inhibits cell growth in breast and prostate cancer cell lines Susan L. Meacham, Kyler E. Elwell, Sarah Ziegler and Stephen W. Carper
  • Estimation of dietary boron and silicon intake in China Junquan Gao and Xiaowei Li

Part III Boron in Soils

  • New advances in boron soil chemistry Sabine Goldberg and Chunming Su
  • Boron adsorption on emiarid soils of Tamil Nadu, India R.Krishnasamy, U.Surendran, C.Sudhalakshmi and M.Edward Raja
  • Relationship between plant availability of boron and the physicochemical properties of boron in soils Duanwei Zhu, Wang Juan, Shuijiao Liao and Wuding Liu
  • Screening boron sources for suitability under different rain fall and soil condition for Mango in India M. Edward Raja
  • Widespread boron deficiency in water-eroded soils of Pothwar plateau in Pakistan: identification, establishment and management A. Rashid, E. Rafique, M. Mahmood-ul-Hassan and M. Shafiq
  • Boron environmental geochemistry and its environmental response Enjing Zhu and Ende Wang
  • Micronutrients status in citrus orchards and soils under these orchards in Pakistan M. Ibrahim, N. Ahmad, A. Niaz and T. Majeed

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