From Energetics to Ecosystems: the Dynamics and Structure of Ecological Systems

Edited by Rooney, Neil; McCann, Kevin S.; Noakes, David L.G. 
Springer  January 2007  

Hardcover  265 pp  ISBN 9781402053368      £93.00
Ecosystems are complex and enigmatic entities that are ultimately our life support systems. Understanding these systems to the point of being able to predict their behaviour in the face of perturbations requires that researchers adopt a number of strategies that vary in both approach and scale. This book, in a sense, is representative of some of the developments that have unfolded when math and physics met ecology. Here, some of the world's leading ecologists examine ecosystems from theoretical, experimental, and empirical viewpoints, from energetics to ecosystems.

The book begins with simplifying and synthesizing nature's complex relationships. It then moves on to explore the mapping between food web structure and function and ends with the role of theory in integrating different research areas. From the breadth of systems analyzed to the rigor of approaches taken, this book is not only a useful resource for students and researchers in ecology, but serves as a fitting tribute to the life and work of Peter Yodzis.

Written for active researchers in the area of ecology, upper level undergraduate ecology students


  • A process-oriented approach to the multispecies functional response; M. Koen-Alonso.
  • Homage to Yodzis and Innes 1992: Scaling up feeding-based population dynamics to complex ecological networks; R.J. Williams, et al.
  • Food webs, body size and the curse of the Latin binomial; D. Raffaelli.
  • An energetic framework for trophic control; A.M.H. de Bruyn, et al.
  • Experimental studies of food webs: causes and consequences of trophic interactions; P. Morin.
  • Interplay between scale, resolution, life history and food web properties; K.O. Winemiller.
  • Heteroclinic Cycles in the Rain Forest: Insights from Complex Dynamics; J. Vandermeer.
  • Emergence in Ecological Systems; J.A. Drake, et al.
  • Dynamic Signatures of Real and Model Ecosystems; P. Yodzis, K. McCann.
  • Evolutionary Branching of Single Traits; Junling Ma.
  • Feedback Effects Between the Food Chain and Induced Defense Strategies; D.L. DeAngelis, et al.
  • Evolutionary Demography: The Invasion Exponent and the Effective Population Density in nonlinear matrix models; H. Caswell.
  • Of experimentalists, empiricists and theoreticians; N. Rooney.
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