The Conservation of Cultural Landscape

Edited by M Agnoletti 
CABI  September 2006  

Hardback  320 pp  ISBN 9781845930745      £75.00
The conservation and management of cultural landscapes, interpreted as the result of the interrelationships among economic, social and environmental factors through time and space, emerges as essential components in the definition and application of a modern approach to sustainable development. Cultural landscapes are the result of management practices and knowledge accumulated in human history and contribute not only to the cultural heritage of the world, but also to biodiversity and aesthetic beauty, providing also multiple goods and services for the development of rural areas. However, landscapes are severely endangered not only by some effects of the socioeconomic development, but also by inappropriate policies in agriculture, forestry and nature conservation. This interdisciplinary book presents a range of different methods developed to analyse, restore and manage cultural landscapes, reporting a number of case studies from Europe and north America, but raising some questions about the need for a revision of some past orientations.

Of interest to those involved with conservation, ecology, forestry, rural studies, environmental history, protected area management.

Part I. Analysis
Part II. Management
Part III Case Studies

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