The Encyclopedia of Seeds: Science, Technology and Uses

Edited by M Black, D Bewley and P Halmer 
CABI  October 2006  

Hardback  900 pp  ISBN 9780851997230      £200.00
This is the first scholarly reference work to cover all the major scientific themes and facets of the subject of seeds. It outlines the latest fundamental biological knowledge about seeds, together with the principles of agricultural seed processing, storage and sowing, the food and industrial uses of seeds, and the roles of seeds in history, economies and cultures.

With contributions from 110 expert authors worldwide, the editors have created 560 authoritative articles, illustrated with plentiful tables, figures, black-and-white and colour photographs, suggested further reading matter and 670 supplementary definitions. The contents are alphabetically arranged and cross-referenced to connect related entries.

Of interest to researchers in seed science and professionals in the seed industry.


Subjects covered include:

  • anatomy, structure, composition; the molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology and ecology of development, maturation and germination, dormancy, storage and deterioration; the modelling of germination and seedling emergence; genetic modification; preservation in gene banks.
  • production and processing for crop cultivation - multiplication, conditioning, handling and storage; germination, purity, vigour and health testing; treatments and enhancements such as priming, coating, disinfection, inoculation, and chemical and biological protection; planting systems; descriptions of individual crops, and of industry structures, organisations, laws and regulations;
  • sources of food, food additives and beverages, poisons, pharmacological and psychoactive substances, and fibres and other manufactured products.
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