Mathematical Models in Agriculture: Quantitative Methods for the Plant, Animal and Ecological Sciences. (2nd Edition)

J Thornley and J France 
CABI  December 2006  

Hardback  928 pp  ISBN 9780851990101      £175.00
This is a completely rewritten and expanded version of the successful 1984 book of the same name published by Butterworths. The objective remains the same: to teach students of agriculture and related ecological problems how to express ideas mathematically and solve the resulting mathematical problem. The book is designed to be a comprehensive textbook, and is suitable for self-study, with exercises and answers. While the level of mathematics is dictated by the problem, the book uses a qualified simplicity rather than a less digestible rigour. The need of many students to grasp every step of a mathematical model is appreciated and catered for.

Aimed at graduate students and researchers in agriculture, including crop, environmental and animal sciences.


  • Role of mathematical models
  • Mathematical programming
  • Growth functions
  • Simple ecological models
  • Environment and weather
  • Crop models
  • Crop husbandry
  • Plant diseases and pests
  • Animal organs
  • Whole-animal models
  • Animal products
  • Animal husbandry
  • Animal diseases
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