Aphids as Crop Pests

Edited by H van Emden and R Harrington 
CABI  December 2006  

Hardback  800 pp  ISBN 9780851998190      £165.00
Aphids represent one of the world's major insect pests, causing serious economic damage to a range of temperate and tropical crops. These range from grain crops and brassicas to potato, cotton, vegetable and fruit crops.

This book provides a definitive reference volume on the biology of aphids, their pest status, and how to control them. It includes approximately 30 specially commissioned chapters from world experts, principally from Europe and North America. Topics covered range from host selection and feeding to movement and dispersal, and from insecticide resistance to chemical, cultural and biological control methods. There are also several case study chapters, on integrated pest management in specific crops.

Aimed at students and researchers in entomology and crop protection.


  • Taxonomic issues
  • Population genetics issues
  • Life cycles and morph determination
  • Host selection and feeding
  • Symbiosis and Nutrition
  • Growth and Development
  • Movement and Dispersal
  • Predators, parasitoids & fungal pathogens
  • Chemical Ecology
  • Insecticide Resistance
  • Coping with stress
  • Population dynamics
  • Feeding damage
  • Virus transmission
  • Chemical, cultural and biological control
  • Monitoring and Forecasting
  • Decision Support Systems
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