Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts and Catalysis

Edited by Burtron H. Davis and Mario Occelli 
Elsevier  November 2006  

Hardback  430 pp  ISBN 9780444522214      £155.00
  • Increase the understanding of FT process development
  • Addresses four major areas of interest in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS)

The declining supply of crude oils worldwide and the ever increasing demand for petroleum products from China, India, Europe and the US have recently propelled crude prices to unprecedented levels. The future availability of traditional crudes is becoming a source of discussion and debate.

Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Catalysts and Catalysis offers a timely and comprehensive report on the processing of relatively inexpensive coal deposits into transportation fluids using Fisher-Tropsch process Technology. In addition to recent catalysts and process developments, the book contains the history of the Fisher-Tropsch in Germany and Japan based on captured documents by allied forces.

Of interest to practitioners, researchers and students in the petrochemical/petroleum field


  • A history of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in Germany 1926-1945.
  • Loading of cobalt on carbon nanofibers.
  • Study of carbon monoxide hydrogenation over supported Au catalysts.
  • Comparing Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on iron-and cobalt catalysts. The dynamics of structure and function.
  • Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: compositional modulation study using an iron catalyst.
  • Identification of cobalt species during temperature programmed reduction of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts.
  • QA and optimization issues during development of the statoil FT-catalyst.
  • Methanol Synthesis in Inert or Catalytic Supercritical Fluid.
  • Fischer-Tropsch based GTL Technology: a new process?
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