1999 European Union Wind Energy Conference

Earthscan  December 1999  

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Proceedings of the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition Nice, France, March 1999

The 1999 European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition has been organised to review progress, and present and discuss the wind energy business and science for the future. The proceedings contain an edited selection of over 350 papers from the conference. They represent a significant update to the understanding of this increasingly important field of energy generation and cover a full range of topics including:

  • Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Aeroelasticity, loads and safety
  • Industrial development in the wind energy sector
  • Large wind turbines, new designs and offshore
  • Liberalised electricity market, intergration and experience
  • Manufacturers' presentations of their latest developments and commercial machines
  • Market development and financial aspects
  • Market development, offshore and performance testing
  • National programmes and instruments in a liberalised European market
  • National programmes, environmental issues and standards
  • Outlook and perspectives
  • Power performance, testing and strength
  • Power quality, earthing, lightning, multipole generators and adaptive control systems
  • US Status
  • Wind conditions, monitoring systems and standardisation
  • Wind diseal systems, hydrogen production, desalination and wind pumps
  • Wind modelling and short term prediction
  • Wind resources.

The proceedings will be essential reading for energy policy makers, planners and for all those involved in wind energy research and manufacture.

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