Marine Metapopulations

Jacob Kritzer and Peter Sale 
Academic Press  May 2006  

Hardback  576 pp  ISBN 9780123838537      £46.00
  • First book to systematically apply metapopulation theory directly to marine systems
  • Contributions from leading international ecologists and fisheries biologists
  • Perspectives on a broad array of marine organisms and ecosystems, from coastal estuaries to shallow reefs to deep-sea hydrothermal vents
  • Critical science for improved management of marine resources
  • Paves the way for future research on large-scale spatial ecology of marine systems

Technological improvements have greatly increased the ability of marine scientists to collect and analyze data over large spatial scales, and the resultant insights attainable from interpreting those data vastly increase understanding of poplation dynamics, evolution and biogeography. Marine Metapopulations provides a synthesis of existing information and understanding, and frames the most important future directions and issues.

Of interest to marine researchers, natural resource managers, marine and terrestrial ecologists, and graduate students.



The Merging of Metapopulation Theory and Marine Ecology: Establishing the Historical Context

Section I: Fishes

  • The Metapopulation Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes
  • Metapopulation Structure in Temperate Rock Reef Fishes
  • Estuarine and Diadromous Fish Metapopulations

Section II: Invertebrates

  • Metapopulation Dynamics of Hard Corals
  • Population and Spatial Structure of Two Common Temperate Reef Hervibores: Abalone and Sea-Urchins
  • Rocky Intertidal Invertebrates: The Potential for Metapopulations Within and Among Shores
  • Metapopulation Dynamics of Coastal Decapods
  • A Metaopulation Approach to Interpreting Diversity at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents

Section III: Plants and Algae

  • A Metapopulation Perspective on Patch Dynamics and Connectivity of Giant Kelp
  • Seagrasses and the Metapopulation Concept: Developoing a Regional Approach to the Study of Extinction, Colonization and Dispersal

Section IV: Perspectives

  • Conservation Dynamics of Marine Metapopulations with Dispersing Larvae
  • Genetic Approacches to Understanding Marine Metapopulation Dynamics
  • Metapopulation Dynamics and Community Ecology of Marine Systems
  • Metapopulation Ecology and Marine Conservation
  • The Future of Metapopulation Science in Marine Ecology
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