Biomass Assessment Handbook - Bioenergy for a sustainable environment

Edited by Frank Rosillo-Calle, Sarah Hemstock, Peter de Groot and Jeremy Woods 
Earthscan  May 2008  

Hardback  296 pp  ISBN 9781844072859      £85.00

Soft cover  296 pp  ISBN 9781844075263      £45.00
Offers rare insight into the tools for resource assessment, providing a platform for tapping into this hugely important global resource

  • Provides the skills to understand the resource base and the pros and cons of biomass exploitation, drawing valuable conclusions for practitioners and policy makers
  • Engages in the vital policy issues surrounding this hotly debated renewable energy source

Responding to the need for reliable and detailed information on biomass consumption and supply and overcoming the lack of standardized measurement and accounting procedures, this handbook provides the skills to understand the biomass resource base, the tools to assess the resource and the pros and cons of exploitation. Topics covered include assessment methods for woody and herbaceous biomass, biomass supply and consumption and remote sensing techniques.

International case studies, ranging from techniques for measuring tree volume to transporting biomass, help to illustrate step-by-step methods and are based on field work experience. A set of technical appendices offer a glossary of terms, energy units and other valuable resource data.


  • Part I: Overview of biomass energy
  • Part II: Understanding the basis of biomass assessment methodology
  • Part III: Assessment methods for woody of biomass supply
  • Part IV: Non-woody biofuels
  • Part V: Assessment of biomass
  • Part VI: Remote Sensing Techniques for Biomass Production and Carbon Sequestration Projects
  • Part VII: Case studies

Technical Appendices

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