Flood Hazards and Health - Responding to present and future risks

Edited by Roger Few and Franziska Matthies 
Earthscan  April 2006  

Hardback  240 pp  ISBN 9781844072156      £90.00
The first detailed discussion of the worldwide health implications of flooding and future flood risk

  • Combines global reviews of existing knowledge with detailed case study material from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa
  • Written in an accessible, jargon-free style: ideal for policy makers, students and the general reader alike

With the tragedy of New Orleans still the focus of the world's media, this highly topical book combines rigorous analysis of the human health impacts of flooding with an appraisal of individual and societal response to those risks, and sets these findings in light of potential future increases in flood hazard as a result of climate change.

Findings from epidemiological, environmental, social and institutional studies are brought together, with analysis rooted in an approach that emphasizes the developmental as well as environmental causes of flood risk and the socially differentiated nature of vulnerability and coping capacity. A detailed discussion of the global health impacts of floods and the nature of human response to the health risks posed is reinforced by new research evidence on specific health aspects of floods covering mental health, water and sanitation, local level responses and the responses of health systems.

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