Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing

Edited by Y H Hui, Josef Barta, M Pilar Cano, Todd W Gusek, Todd W Gusek, Jiwan Sidhu and Nirmal Sinha 
Blackwell  April 2006  

Hardback  712 pp, 200 illus  ISBN 9780813819815      £145.00
The processing of fruits continues to undergo rapid change. In the Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing, Dr. Y.H. Hui and his editorial team have assembled over forty respected academicians and industry professionals to create an indispensable resource on the scientific principles and technological methods for processing fruits of all types.

The book describes the processing of fruits from four perspectives: a scientific basis, manufacturing and engineering principles, production techniques, and processing of individual fruits. A scientific knowledge of the horticulture, biology, chemistry, and nutrition of fruits forms the foundation. A presentation of technological and engineering principles involved in processing fruits is a prelude to their commercial production. As examples, the manufacture of several categories of fruit products is discussed. The final part of the book discusses individual fruits, covering their harvest to a finished product in a retail market.

As a professional reference book replete with the latest research or as a practical textbook filled with example after example of commodity applications, the Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing is the current, comprehensive, yet compact resource ideal for the fruit industry.


Part I: Processing Technology

    1. Fruit microbiology
    2. Nutritional values of fruits
    3. Fruit processing: principles of heat treatment
    4. Fruit freezing principles
    5. Fruit drying principles
    6. Non-thermal pasteurization of fruit juice using high voltage electric fields
    7. Minimally processed fruits and fruit products and their microbiological safety
    8. Fresh-cut fruits
    9. Additives in fruit processing
    10. Fruit waste management

Part II: Products manufacturing

    11. Manufacturing jams and jellies
    12. Manufacturing fruit beverages
    13. Fruit as an ingredient in a fruit product
    14. Fruit processing plant
    15. Fruits sanitation and safety

Part III: Commodity processing

    16. Apples
    17. Apricots
    18. Horticultural and quality aspects of citrus fruits
    19. Oranges and citrus juices
    20. Sweet cherry
    21. Cranberry, blueberry, current, and gooseberry
    22. Date fruits: production and processing
    23. Grape juice
    24. Grapes and raisins
    25. Grape and wine biotechnology
    26. Olives processing
    27. Peaches and nectarines
    28. Dried pears
    29. Plums and Prunes
    30. Processing of red pepper fruits for production of paprika and paprika oleoresin
    31. Strawberries and raspberries
    32. Guava, lychee, papaya
    33. Banana, mango, passion fruit
    34. Prickly pear fruit
    35. Specialty fruits unique to Hungary
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