Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks

Edited by Ramesh C Chandan, Ramesh C Chandan , Charles White, Arun Kilara , and Y H Hui 
Blackwell  April 2006  

Hardback  376 pp, 230 ills  ISBN 9780813823041      £130.00
Melding the hands-on experience of producing yogurt and fermented milks over four decades with the latest in scientific research in the dairy industry, editor Chandan and his associate editors have assembled experts worldwide to write Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks. This one-of-a-kind resource gives a complete description of the manufacturing stages of yogurt and fermented milks from the receipt of raw materials to the packaging of the products.

Information is conveniently grouped under four categories:

  • Basic background - History and consumption trends, milk composition characteristics, dairy processing principles, regulatory requirements, laboratory analysis, starter cultures, packaging, and more
  • Yogurt manufacture - Fruit preparations and flavoring materials, ingredients, processing principles, manufacture of various yogurt types, plant cleaning and sanitizing, quality assurance, and sensory analysis
  • Manufacture of fermented milks - Procedure, packaging and other details for more than ten different types of products
  • Health benefits - Functional foods, probiotics, disease prevention, and the health attributes of yogurt and fermented milks

All manufacturing processes are supported by sound scientific, technological, and engineering principles. Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks is designed for professionals in the dairy and food industry as well as for upper level undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Food Science, Dairy Technology and related fields. Industry professionals, professors, and students engaged in research in dairy/ food science will find the book's contemporary information and experience-based applications invaluable.


1. Introduction and overview

    1.1. Diversity of fermented milks of the world 1.2. Trends in consumption patterns 1.3. Definitions and standards of identity of commercial fermented milks

2. Basic processing procedures

    2.1. Milk of various species, composition, chemical and physical properties 2.2. Handling of milk at the farm and the plant, micro-flora of milk, Grade A status 2.3. Basic processing procedures, pasteurization, heat treatments, homogenization, membrane processing and other technologies

3. Ingredients

    3.1. Milk and milk-based ingredients 3.2. Other food ingredients (sweeteners, stabilizers, fruit preparations, flavorings, nuts, grains, cocoa) 3.3. Starter lactic cultures 3.3.1. Microbiology 3.3.2. Biochemistry 3.3.3. Biotechnology 3.3.4. Starter preparation and management 3.3.5. Flavor and texture production 3.3.6. Defects and their control

4. Packaging

    4.1. Materials 4.2. Machinery and techniques

5. Yogurt

    5.1. Types of yogurt- Blended, Fruit-on-the-bottom, Whipped, Drinks, Frozen 5.2. Ingredients 5.3. Stabilization 5.4. Sweeteners 5.5. Fruit preparations 5.6. Processing 5.6.1. Blending to make mix 5.6.2. Heat treatment 5.6.3. Homogenization 5.6.4. Fermentation 5.6.5. Post fermentation handling 5.6.6. Fruit incorporation 5.6.7. Packaging and storage 5.6.8. Distribution

6. Cultured buttermilk

    6.1. Processing 6.2. Packaging

7. Cultured/Sour cream

    7.1. Processing 7.2. Packaging

8. Dahi, Kefir, Koumiss, Acidophilus milk, etc.

    8.1. Processing 8.2. Packaging

9. Quality control procedures

    9.1. Sanitation and shelf life 9.2. Flavor and texture maintenance 9.3. Viscosity and body 9.4. Post-acidification

10. Health attributes and functional food value

    10.1. Introduction 10.2. Lactose absorption 10.3. GI tract micro-flora balance 10.4. Immune stimulation 10.5. Cancer prevention 10.6. Urinogenital infection prevention 10.7. Other beneficial effects

11. References/bibliography

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