Fermented Milks

Adnan Tamime 
Blackwell  June 2006  

Hardback  280 pp, 97 illus  ISBN 9780632064588      £135.00
Highly profitable and an important range of products within the dairy industry worldwide, the economic importance of fermented milks continues to grow. Technological developments have led to a wider range of products and increased popularity with consumers.

Fermented Milks reviews the properties and manufacturing methods associated with products such as yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, koumiss milk-based fermented beverages and many other examples from around the globe, offering the reader:

  • A practically-oriented and user-friendly guide
  • Key commercially important information
  • Coverage of all the major stages of manufacture
  • Background to each product<

Edited by Adnan Tamime, with contributions from international authors and full of core commercially useful information for the dairy industry, this book is an essential title for dairy scientists, dairy technologists and nutritionists worldwide.


  • Types of Fermented Milks
  • Starter Cultures
  • Manufacture of Yoghurt
  • Properties of Yoghurt and their Appraisal
  • Production of Drinking Products
  • Production of Concentrated Products
  • Nordic/Scandinavian Fermented Milk Products
  • Production of Kefir, Koumiss and Other Related Products
  • Miscellaneous Fermented Milk Products
  • Mechanisation, Automation and Future Developments
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