Identification of Food Grain Varieties

Edited by C.W. Wrigley 
AACC  1995  

Softcover  283 pages, 60 black and white figures  ISBN 0913250856      £125.00

The end-use quality of grain varieties varies widely. Increased mechanization in the food industry has also reduced the tolerance to poor specification of raw materials. This book explains the differences between varieties, and provides the necessary procedures for variety identification. The contents are as follows:

  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Reasons for Variety Identification
  • Efficient Strategies for Variety Identification
  • Visual Identification by Grain Characteristics
  • Variety Identification by Electrophoretic Analysis
  • Variety Identification by HPLC
  • Variety Identification by Digital Image Analysis
  • Identification of Cultivated Varieties by Nucleotide Analysis
  • Variety Identification by Immunological Analysis
  • Wheat Identification in Europe
  • Wheat Identification in North America
  • Wheat Identification in Australia and New Zealand
  • Identification of Barley Varieties
  • Identification of Oat Varieties
  • Identification of Maize Varieties
  • Identification of Rice Varieties
  • Prospects for Improved Methods of Variety Identification
  • Index

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