Climate Change in Developing Countries

Edited by M A van Drunen, R Lasage and C Dorlands 
CABI  September 2006  

Hardback  272 pp  ISBN 9781845930776      £75.00
This book presents an overview of the studies conducted by the Netherlands Climate Change Studies Assistance programme. The programme was set up in recognition of the need for developing countries, in particular, to face the challenges confronting all countries under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The book presents an overview of the main results in 13 countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mongolia, Senegal, Suriname, Vietnam, Yemen and Zimbabwe. It provides a critical evaluation of the methodologies and approaches used, a cross-country synthesis and recommendations for further studies. Subjects dealt with include not only impact studies, but also vulnerability and adaptation, mitigation and climate related policy.

Of interest to environmental science, geography, climatology.


1. Introduction and NCCSAP methodology

  • Introduction
  • Approach NCCSAP Phase 1
  • Methodology for emission inventories
  • Methodology for mitigation assessment in the energy sector
  • Adaptation assessments

2. Country experiences and highlights

  • Introduction
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mali
  • Mongolia
  • Senegal
  • Suriname
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

3. Cross country syntheses

  • Introduction
  • Emission inventories
  • Mitigation assessment of the energy sector
  • Adaptation and water resources
  • Adaptation in coastal zones
  • Adaptation and land use
  • National communications

4. Evaluation, lessons learned and outlook

  • Introduction
  • Mitigation assessment
  • Adaptation assessments
  • National Communications
  • Capacity building and awareness raising
  • NCCSAP in comparison to other country study programmes
  • Recommendations
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