The CAP and the Regions: Territorial Impact of Common Agricultural Policy

Edited by M Shucksmith, K Thomson and D Roberts 
CABI  August 2005  

Hardback  250 pp  ISBN 9780851990552      £60.00
This book assesses the regional territorial impact of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Rural Development Policy (RDP), asking the question how far these are compatible with objectives of territorial cohesion across the enlarged European Union. It considers both the incidence of CAP expenditure and producer subsidy equivalents across NUTS3 regions, and the impact of current CAP reforms, through detailed statistical analysis and case studies. It also assesses how far the CAP is consistent with the goals of European Union policy, as set out in the European Spatial Development

Of interest to agricultural economics, human geography and rural sociology.


  • The Common Agricultural Policy
  • Structural policy and the ESDP
  • The territorial distribution of CAP/ RDP support
  • Adjustments and impacts
  • Predicting the impact of reforms to agricultural and rural policies across the EU
  • The CAP/RDP in the context of EU spatial policy
  • Good practice in rural development
  • Conclusions and policy proposals
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