Plant hormones

Edited by Gerald Litwack 
Academic Press  October 2005  

Hardback  568  ISBN 9780127098722      £120.00
  • Includes color illustrations
  • Contributions by leading international authorities
  • This Volume is wholly dedicated to the topic of plant hormones and their actions through receptors.

The genetic aspects and the receptorology are reminiscent of the mammlian systems. The well-known hormones are reviewed including cytokinins, abscicic acid, gibberellin and auxin. In addition there are reviews on nitric oxide, brassinosteroids, jasmonate, ethylene, and pheromones. Other topics included are genes that are regulated by abscicic acid and gibberellin, functional differentiation and transition of peroxisomes, plant antioxidants, gravitropic bending and the actions of plant hormones on glutathione transferase.

Of interest to researchers in plant biology and molecular biology; graduate students and undergraduates interested in horticulture/agriculture; students of modern biology needing current information on plant hormone research


  • The Genomic View of Genes Responsive to the Antagonistic Phytohormones Abscisic Acid and Gibberellic Acid
  • Gravitropic Bending and Plant Hormones; Hormonal Regulation of Sex Expression in Plants;
  • Plant Peroxisomes;
  • Plant Growth Regulators Diversify the Expression and can Serve as Non-catalytic Substrates for Plant Glutathione S-Transferases (GSTs) During Biotic and Abiotic Stresses and Normal Development;
  • Auxin;
  • Regulatory Networks of the Phytohormone Abscicic Acid;
  • Cytokinin Biosynthesis and Regulation;
  • Giberrillin Metabolism and Signaling;
  • Nitric Oxide Signaling in Plants;
  • Ethylene in Arabidopsis;
  • Jasmonate:An Oxylipin Signal with Many Roles in Plants;
  • Plant Sex Pheromones;
  • Plant Brassinosteroid hormones;
  • Terpenoids as Plant Antioxidants
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