Foodborne Infections and Intoxications 3rd edition

Edited by Hans Riemann and Dean Cliver 
Academic Press  December 2005  

Hardback  520 pp  ISBN 9780125883658      £95.00

  • A summary of the foods most association with human infections
  • A discussion of the principles of laboratory detection of the agent considering the advantages and disadvantages of various procedure
  • A 'historical to present-day' section

A description of the infection in humans and animals, including reservoirs and the mode of transmission

The accelerated globalization of the food supply, coupled with toughening government standards, is putting global food production, distribution, and retail industries under a high-intensity spotlight. High publicity cases about foodborne illnesses over recent years have heightened public awareness of food safety issues, and momentum has been building to find new ways to detect and identify foodborne pathogens and eliminate food-related infections and intoxications. This extensively revised Third Edition covers how the incidence and impact of foodborne diseases is determined, foodborne intoxications with an introduction that notes common features among these diseases and control measures that are applicable before and after the basic foodstuff is harvested.


  • Foodborne Diseases And Population Health
  • Epidemiology Of Foodborne Diseases risk Assessment In Relation To Foodborne Diseases
  • Economic Aspects Of Foodborne Diseases
  • Foodborne Infections Salmonella Clostridium Perfringens Vibrio Escherichia Coli Campylobacter Jejuni & Related Organisms Yersinia Enterocolitica Listeria Monocytogenes Other Bacteria Viruses & Prions Parasites
  • Intoxications Of Microbial Origin Botulism Staphylococcal Intoxications Bacillus Cereus Gastroenteritis Mycotoxins And Alimentary Mycotoxicoses Other Natural Intoxications
  • Control Effect Of Food Processing On Foodborne Disease Agents Preharvest Or Animal Production Food Safety Postharvest Food Safety
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