Biological Adhesives

Edited by Smith, Andrew M.; Callow, James A. 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XVII, 284 p., 61 illus., 3 in colour  ISBN 9783540310488      £162.00
Many plants, animals, and microbes use adhesive polymers and structures to attach to inert substrates, to each other, or to other organisms. This is the first major review that brings together research on many of the well-known biological adhesives. Emphasizing the diversity of biological adhesives and associated adhesion processes, it deals with bacteria, fungi, algae, and marine and terrestrial animals. It bridges a variety of disciplines including biochemistry, molecular biology, biomechanics, bioengineering, microbiology, organism structure and function, and ultrastructure. As we learn more about the molecular and mechanical properties of these adhesives, we begin to understand why they adhere so well and how they develop cohesive strength. With this understanding comes the prospect of developing synthetic or semi-synthetic adhesives with broad applications in areas such as medicine, dentistry, and biotechnology.

Of interest to researchers and realted industry.


  • Mechanical Properties of Bacterial Exopolymeric Adhesives and their Commercial Development - Anthony P. Haag
  • The Molecular Genetics of Bioadhesion and Biofilm Formation - Paolo Landini, Gregory Jubelin, And Corinne Dorel-Flamant
  • Adhesion and Adhesives of Fungi and Oomycetes - Lynn Epstein And Ralph L. Nicholson
  • The Ulva Spore Adhesive System - James A. Callow And Maureen E. Callow
  • Diatom Adhesives: Molecular and Mechanical Properties - Anthony Chiovitti, Tony M. Dugdale, And Richard Wetherbee
  • Phenolic-based Adhesives of Marine Brown Algae - Philippe Potin And Catherine Leblanc
  • Chemical Subtleties of Mussel and Polychaete Holdfasts - Jason Sagert, Chengjun Sun, And J. Herbert Waite
  • Barnacle Underwater Attachment - Kei Kamino
  • The Biochemistry and Mechanics of Gastropod Adhesive Gels - Andrew M. Smith
  • Adhesive Secretions in Echinoderms: An Overview - Patrick Flammang
  • An Adhesive Secreted by Australian Frogs of the Genus Notaden - Lloyd D. Graham, Veronica Glattauer, Yong Y. Peng, Paul R. Vaughan, Jerome A. Werkmeister, Michael J. Tyler, And John A.M. Ramshaw
  • Properties, Principles, and Parameters of the Gecko Adhesive System - Kellar Autumn
  • Biomimetic Adhesive Polymers Based on Mussel Adhesive Proteins - Bruce P. Lee, Jeffrey L. Dalsin, And Phillip B. Messersmith
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