Tree Transgenesis - Recent Developments

Edited by Fladung, Matthias; Ewald, Dietrich 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XX, 357 p., 19 illus., 8 in colour  ISBN 9783540321989      £175.00
Tree improvement is necessary to meet the growing demand for the renewable resource wood. Many novel possibilities to obtain improved species are offered by biotechnology, and the time is ripe for a critical evaluation of the chances and challenges of tree transgenesis. Sixteen chapters by experts in the field provide concise information on the present state of the following topics: transgenic trees in the world; environmental aspects of lignin-modified trees; modification of cellulose in wood; heavy metal resistance and phytoremediation with transgenic trees; transgenic approaches to engineer nitrogen metabolism; disease resistance; drought tolerance. In addition, biosafety and risk assessment are treated in detail, and future experimental tasks are discussed. The book provides a sound basis for decision-making processes in politics.

Of interest to researchers, resource managers, wood industry, environmentalists, politicians (environment)


Part A Transgenic Trees in the World

  • Field Trials with Transgenic Trees - State of the Art and Developments - Marcel Robischon
  • Transgenic Forest Trees in China - Dietrich Ewald, Jianjun Hu, And Minsheng Yang
  • Modification of Perennial Fruit Trees - Xiuxin Deng And Yanxin Duan
  • Genetic Transformation of Some Tropical Trees, Shrubs, and Tree-like Plants - Shuchishweta V. Kendurkar, Vaishali B. Naik, And Rajani S. Nadgauda

Part B Wood and other Traits

  • Environmental Aspects of Lignin Modified Trees - Hely Häggman, Karoliina Niemi, Heidi Tiimonen, Tiina Ylioja, And Vincent Chiang
  • Modification of Cellulose in Wood - Matthias Fladung
  • Heavy Metal Resistance and Phytoremediation with Transgenic Trees - Andreas D Peuke And Heinz Rennenberg
  • Transgenic Approaches to Engineer Nitrogen Metabolism - Francisco M Cánovas, Fernando Gallardo, Zhong Ping Jing, And María Belén Pascual

Part C Biotic and Abiotic Resistances

  • Virus Resistance Breeding in Fruit Trees - Margit Laimer
  • The Use of Genetic Transformation Procedures to Study the Defence and Disease Resistance Traits of Trees - Trevor M Fenning
  • Fungal and Bacterial Resistance in Transgenic Trees - William A Powell, Charles A Maynard, Brian Boyle, And Armand Séguin .
  • Genetically Modified Trees Expressing Genes for Insect Pest Resistance - Alma Balestrazzi, Gianni Allegro, And Massimo Confalonieri
  • Towards Genetic Engineering for Drought Tolerance in Trees - Andrea Polle, Arie Altman, And Xiangning Jiang

Part D Biosafety Issues

  • Genome Instability in Woody Plants Derived from Genetic Engineering - Hans Hoenicka And Matthias Fladung
  • Investigation of Horizontal Gene Transfer from Transgenic Aspen to Ectomycorrhizal Fungi - Uwe Nehls, Chi Zhang, Mika Tarkka, Rüdiger Hampp, And Matthias Fladung
  • Transgenic Temperate Fruit Tree Rootstocks - Sergey V Dolgov And M-Viola Hanke


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