Alkaliphiles - Genetic Properties and Applications of Enzymes

Koki Horikoshi 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  270 p., 108 illus.,  ISBN 9783540333722      £107.00
The pioneering work of Dr. Koki Horikoshi on the discovery, research and applications of alkaliphilic bacteria are described here in their entirety. The isolation, distribution and taxonomy of alkaliphilic microorganisms as well as their cell structure and physiology are discussed for a basic understanding of these entities. The molecular biology and genome sequencing of some alkaliphilic bacterial strains are also presented.

Part II of the volume focuses on enzymes of alkaliphiles and their applications. These include alkaline proteases, starch-degrading enzymes and numerous others. Some of these enzymes are currently in wide commercial use as laundry detergent additives and in wastewater treatment.

Alkaliphiles are a relatively recent field of research that will no doubt provide avenues to a wide range of further discoveries and applications for a new generation of workers in bioscience and technology.

Of interest to scientists and researchers in microbiology.


Alkaliphiles and their Genetic Properties.

  • Introduction.
  • Isolation, Distribution and Taxonomy of Alkaliphilic Microorganisms.
  • Cell Structure.
  • Physiology.
  • Molecular Biology.
  • Whole Genome Sequences of Alkaliphilic Bacillus Strains.

Enzymes of Alkaliphiles and Their Applications.

  • Alkaline Proteases.
  • Starch-Degrading Enzymes.
  • Cellulases of Alkaliphilic Bacillus Strains.
  • Xylanases.
  • Pectinases.
  • Mannan-degrading Enzymes.
  • Lipases.
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