Atlas of Woody Plant Stems - Evolution, Structure, and Environmental Modifications

Schweingruber, Fritz H., Börner, Annett, Schulze, Ernst-Detlef 
Springer  2006  

Hardback  229 p., 710 illus in colour,  ISBN 9783540325239      £85.00
This atlas gives a unique assemblage of microscopic slides of wood anatomy and of the respective species in nature and demonstrates the reaction of stem anatomy to environments in which plants form woody stems. It provides insight into the evolution of wood, to the variation of wood anatomy in response to climate and disturbances, and it gives an introduction to the methodology used to study wood. Special attention has been given to the unique feature of secondary growth. In color throughout and with more than 700 both beautiful and instructive illustrations, the wide-ranging scientific content of this book makes it both attractive and unique.


Abbreviations and Technical Remarks

  • The Evolution of Plant Stems in the Earth's History
  • The Structure of the Plant Body
  • Secondary Growth: Advantages and Risks
  • Modification of the Stem Structure
  • Modification of the Xylem Within a Plant
  • Modification of the Xylem and Phloem by Ecological Factors
  • Modification of Organs
  • Anatomical Plasticity
  • Modifications Caused by Weather and Climate
  • Modifications Caused by Extreme Events
  • From Anatomical Features to Plant Structures
  • Decay of Dead Wood
  • Microscopical Preparation

List of Species
Subject Index

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