Iron Nutrition in Plants and Rhizospheric Microorganisms

Edited by Barton, L.L.; Abadia, J. 
Springer  2006  

Hardback  477 p.  ISBN 9781402047428      £117.00
This book uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide a comprehensive review on the status of iron nutrition in plants. International scientists discuss research on acquisition of iron by strategy I and strategy II plants. These reviews summarize a variety of plant species and include both laboratory and field observations.

Topics covered in this book include: plants as a source of iron for animals and humans, iron translocation in the plants, iron-stimulated activities that influence crop yield and fruit tree productivity, iron uptake by plants as influenced by microorganisms (i.e. free living soil microorganisms, symbiotic nitrogen-fixing and pathogenic bacteria), the role of plant hormones in iron transport, iron-metal competition in phytoremediation, root zone activities involving interactions between minerals and organic matter, the role of microbial siderophores in rhizospheric iron cycling, iron storage as phytoferritin, proteomic and metabolic studies associated with iron stress response, methods for studying iron metabolism including stable isotopes, and the correction of iron deficiency through the use of synthetic or natural chelates.

Additionally, chapters summarize the use of Arabidopsis to enhance our understanding of the complex activities associated with iron metabolism in plants. This book should serve to stimulate continued exploration of iron activities in plant biology and rhizospheric environments.

Of interest to graduate students of agronomy and plant nutrition, plant physiologists, microbiologists.


Contributing Authors

  • Status and Future Developments Involving Plant Iron in Animal and Human Nutrition; Marta Vasconcelos and Michael A. Grusak
  • Iron Nutrition in Field Crops; Neil C. Hansen, Bryan G. Hopkins, Jason W. Ellsworth and Von D. Jolley
  • Iron Nutrition of Fruit Tree Crops; Adamo D. Rombolà and Massimo Tagliavini
  • Iron Deficiency, Fruit Yield and Fruit Quality; Ana Alvarez-Fernández, Javier Abadía and Anunciación Abadía
  • Synthetic Iron Chelates to Correct Iron Deficiency in Plants; Juan J. Lucena
  • Heavy Metals Competing with Iron under Conditions Involving Phytoremediation; Ferenc Fodor
  • Plant-Soil Relationship: Role of Humic Substances in Iron Nutrition; Zeno Varanini and Roberto Pinton
  • Microbial Siderophores Siderophores in the Plant Rhizosphere; David E. Crowley
  • The Metabolism of Iron by Nitrogen-Fixing Rhizospheric Bacteria; Larry L. Barton, Gordon V. Johnson and Yvonne M. Bishop
  • Genetic Regulation of Iron in Erwinia chrysanthemi as Pertains to Bacterial Virulence; Dominique Expert
  • Iron Stress Responses in Roots of Strategy I Plants; Wolfgang Schmidt
  • Plant Hormones Influencing Iron Uptake in Plants; Francisco J. Romera, Carlos Lucena and Esteban Alcántara
  • Translocation of Iron in Plant Tissues; Petra Bauer and Rüdiger Hell
  • Iron Stress Response and Composition of Xylem Sap of Strategy II Plants; Shigenao Kawai and Shah Alam
  • The Role of ZIP Family Members in Iron Transport; Brenda Parson Hall and Mary Lou Guerinot
  • Role of FRD3 in Iron Translocation and Homeostasis; Elizabeth E. Rogers
  • Ferritins and Iron Accumulation in Plant Tissues; Jean-François Briat, Françoise Cellier and Frederic Gaymard
  • Metabolic Changes in Iron-Stressed Dicotyledonous Plants; Graziano Zocchi
  • Proteomic Studies under Iron Stress: Iron Deficiency-Induced Regulation of Protein Synthesis in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii; Immo Reinhardt, Sophie Haebel, Alexandra Herbik and Thomas J. Buckhout
  • Molecular Analysis of Iron-Deficient Graminaceous Plants; Takanori Kobayashi, Naoko K. Nishizawa and Satoshi Mori
  • Application of Stable Isotopes in Plant Iron Research; Ana Alvarez-Fernández
  • Genomic Resources of Agronomic Crops; Silvia R. Cianzio, Randy C. Shoemaker and Dirk V. Charlson


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