Microbial Root Endophytes

Edited by Schulz, Barbara J.E.; Boyle, Christine J.C.; Sieber, Thomas N. 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  XX, 367 p., 29 illus., 4 in colour,  ISBN 9783540335252      £186.00
Plant roots may not only be colonized by mycorrhizal fungi, but also by a myriad of bacterial and fungal root endophytes that are usually not considered by the investigators of classic symbioses. This is the first book dedicated to the interactions of non-mycorrhizal microbial endophytes with plant roots.

The phenotypes of these interactions can be extremely plastic, depending on environmental factors, nutritional status, genetic disposition and developmental stages of the two partners. The book deals with diversity, life history strategies, interactions, applications in agriculture and forestry, methods for isolation, cultivation, and both conventional and molecular methods for identification and detection of these endophytes. The comprehensive reviews demonstrate the high diversity of interactions and will provoke further studies to better understand the mechanisms which determine whether a plant-microbial interaction remains asymptomatic, leads to disease or to a mutualistic interaction.

Of interest to students and scientists in botany, ecology, agriculture, forestry, microbiology, and soil biology


  • What are Endophytes? Barbara Schulz, Christine Boyle

Part I Endophytic Bacteria

  • Spectrum and Population Dynamics of Bacterial Root Endophytes Johannes Hallmann, Gabriele Berg
  • Bacterial Endophytes as Elicitors of Induced Systemic Resistance Joseph W. Kloepper, Choong-Min Ryu
  • Control of Plant Pathogenic Fungi with Bacterial Endophytes Gabriele Berg, Johannes Hallmann
  • Role of Proteins Secreted by Rhizobia in Symbiotic Interactions with Leguminous Roots Maged M. Saad,William J. Broughton,William J. Deakin
  • Research on Endophytic Bacteria: Recent Advances with Forest Trees Richa Anand, Leslie Paul, Chris Chanway

Part II Endophytic Fungi

  • Biodiversity of Fungal Root-Endophyte Communities and Populations, in Particular of the Dark Septate Endophyte Phialocephala fortinii s. l. Thomas N. Sieber, Christoph R. Grünig
  • Endophytic Root Colonization by Fusarium Species: Histology, Plant Interactions, and Toxicity Charles W. Bacon, Ida E. Yates
  • Microbial Endophytes of Orchid Roots Paul Bayman, J. Tupac Otero
  • Fungal Endophytes in Submerged Roots Felix Bärlocher
  • Nematophagous Fungi as Root Endophytes Luis V. Lopez-Llorca,Hans-Börje Jansson, José Gaspar Maciá Vicente, Jesús Salinas
  • Molecular Diversity and Ecological Roles of Mycorrhiza-Associated Sterile Fungal Endophytes in Mediterranean Ecosystems Mariangela Girlanda, Silvia Perotto,Anna Maria Luppi
  • Oidiodendron maius: Saprobe in SphagnumPeat, Mutualist in Ericaceous Roots? Adrianne V. Rice, Randolph S. Currah
  • Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi of Epacrids (Ericaceae) John W.G. Cairney
  • Mutualistic Interactions with Fungal Root Endophytes Barbara Schulz
  • Understanding the Roles of Multifunctional Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi Mark C. Brundrett

Part III Methods

  • Isolation Procedures for Endophytic Microorganisms Johannes Hallmann, Gabriele Berg, Barbara Schulz
  • Microbial Interactions with Plants: a HiddenWorld? Guido V. Bloemberg, Margarita M. Camacho Carvajal
  • Application of Molecular Fingerprinting Techniques to Explore the Diversity of Bacterial Endophytic Communities Leo S. van Overbeek, Jim van Vuurde, Jan D. van Elsas

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