Biological Invasions in New Zealand

Edited by Allen, Robert B.; Lee, William G. 
Springer  2006  

Hardback  457 p.  ISBN 9783540300229      £175.00
Man's recent colonization of New Zealand has dramatically altered the resident biota and resulted in the introduction of numerous alien organisms to these once remote islands. In reverse, there is increasing evidence of a lesser known export of species to other regions of the world. This volume presents an in-depth review of the level and rate of such invasions, and investigates what controls the success of invaders and the consequences for ecosystems both on land and offshore. It provides invasion biologists everywhere with tests of current theories about those factors leading to the success of invaders as well as evaluating principles for understanding the nature of their impacts that form a solid basis for the effective management of biological invasions worldwide.

Of interest to researchers and conservation managers.


  • 1 Paradise Lost - the Last Major Colonization, W.G. Lee, R.B. Allen, D.M. Tompkins

A Magnitude of Alien Invasions

  • 2 Becoming New Zealanders: Immigration and the Formation of the Biota, M.S. McGlone
  • 3 Creating Gardens: the Diversity and Progression of European Plant Introductions, P.A. Williams, E.K. Cameron
  • 4 Introduced Mammals in a New Environment, I.A.E. Atkinson
  • 5 Parasites and Biological Invasions, D.M. Tompkins, R. Poulin
  • 6 Export of Plant and Animal Species from an Insular Biota, G.W. Yeates, P.A. Williams

B Controls on Invasion Success

  • 7 Genetics of Invasive Species in New Zealand, D. Gleeson, H. Harman, T. Armstrong
  • 8 Are the Marine Biotas of Island Ecosystems More Vulnerable to Invasion? G.J. Inglis, B.J. Hayden, W.A. Nelson
  • 9 Factors Affecting the Release, Establishment and Spread of Introduced Birds in New Zealand, R.P. Duncan, T.M. Blackburn, P. Cassey
  • 10 Biological Control Agents: Can They Tell Us Anything About the Establishment of Unwanted Alien Species? S.V. Fowler, H.M. Harman, R. Norris, D. Ward
  • 11 The Context of Plant Invasions in New Zealand: Evolutionary History and Novel Niches, J.M. Craine, W.G. Lee, S. Walker
  • 12 Controls on the Population Dynamics of Invading Mammals, D.M. Forsyth
  • 13 What Controls Invasion of Indigenous Forests by Alien Plants?, S.K. Wiser, R.B. Allen

C Consequences of Alien Invasions

  • 14 Consequences of Brown Trout Invasion for Stream Ecosystems, C.R. Townsend, K.S Simon
  • 15 Relative (Un)Importance of Introduced Animals as Pollinators and Dispersers of Native Plants, D. Kelly, A.W. Robertson, J.J. Ladley, S.H. Anderson, R.J. McKenzie
  • 16 Trophic Interactions Among Native and Introduced Animal Species, W.A. Ruscoe, G. Norbury, D. Choquenot
  • 17 Keystone Aliens? The Multiple Impacts of Brushtail Possums, M.N. Clout
  • 18 Keystone Species: Competition for Honeydew Among Exotic and Indigenous Species, J.R. Beggs, D.A. Wardle
  • 19 Consequences of Alien N2-Fixers on Vegetation Succession in New Zealand, J.C. McQueen, W.C. Tozer, B.D. Clarkson
  • 20 Hidden Effects: the Belowground Consequences of Introduced Browsing Mammals in New Zealand Forests, D.A. Wardle
  • 21 Distinguishing Natural Processes from Impacts of Invasive Mammalian Herbivores, P.J. Bellingham, W.G. Lee

D Management of Biological Invasions

  • 22 Animal Control and Ecosystem Recovery, D.A. Coomes, A.F. Mark, J. Bee
  • 23 Biological Control: Reducing the Impact of Invasive Weeds and Pests, or Just Another Source of Alien Invaders?, S.V. Fowler, T.M. Withers
  • 24 Strategies to Reduce Predation on Bird Populations, J.A. McLennan
  • 25 Setting Priorities for the Management of Marine Pests Using a Risk-Based Decision Support Framework, B.M. Forrest, M.D. Taylor, J. Sinner
  • 26 Does Commercial Harvesting of Introduced Wild Mammals Contribute to Their Management as Conservation Pests?, J.P. Parkes
  • 27 Pest Control: Does the Answer Lie in New Biotechnologies?, J.A. Duckworth, A.E. Byrom, P. Fisher, C. Horn
  • 28 Updated Perspective on Biological Invasions in New Zealand, R.B. Allen, R.P. Duncan, W.G. Lee
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