Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria - Function and Signal Transduction Mechanisms - 3rd edition

Edited by Schäfer, Eberhard; Nagy, Ferenc 
Springer  2006  

Hardback  662 pp  ISBN 9781402038099      £146.00

Softcover  662 pp  ISBN 9781402038105      £81.00
This unique resource reviews progress made by scientists researching into how ambient changes in the wavelength, intensity, direction and duration of light environment affect plant growth and development - explaining how combinations of new research with classical photobiology and physiology made feasible to interpret intriguing light dependent phenomena such as phototropism, determination of flowering time, shade avoidance etc. at molecular level. Written by over 20 leading experts in the field "Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria 3rd edition" covers major breakthroughs achieved in the last decade including identification of novel photoreceptors and a variety of molecular mechanisms that mediate photoreceptors controlled signaling induced by the absorption of light photon.

Generously referenced with more than 2389 bibliographic citations "Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria 3rd edition" is an indispensable tool for molecular, cell and applied biologists, geneticists, chronobiologists and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students interested in these disciplines.

Of interest to students, graduate students, postdocs and teachers in molecular sciences.



Part 1: General Introduction And Historical Overview Of Photomorphogenesis:

  • 1. Historical Overview; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy.
  • 2. Physiological Basis Of Photomorphogenesis; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy.
  • 3. Historical Overview Of Molecular Biology And Genetics In Photomorphogenesis; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy.
  • 4. Genetic Basis And Molecular Mechanisms Of Signal Transduction For Photomorphogenesis; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy.

Part 2: The Phytochrome:

  • 5. The Phytochrome Chromophore; Seth J. Davis.
  • 6. Structure, Function, And Evolution Of Microbial Phytochromes; Baruch Karniol And Richard D. Vierstra.
  • 7. Phytochrome Genes In Higher Plants: Structure, Expression, And Evolution; Robert A. Sharrock And Sarah Mathews.
  • 8. Phytochrome Degradation And Dark Reversion; Lars Hennig.
  • 9. Intracellular Localization Of Phytochromes; Eberhard Schäfer, Stefan Kircher And Ferenc Nagy.

Part 3: Blue-Light And UV-Receptors:

  • 10. Blue/UV-A Receptors: Historical Overview; Winslow R. Briggs.
  • 11. Cryptochromes; Anthony R. Cashmore.
  • 12. Phototropins; Winslow R. Briggs, John M. Christie And Trevor E. Swartz.
  • 13. Blue Light Photoreceptors - Beyond Phototropins And Cryptochromes; Jay Dunlap.
  • 14. Uv-B Perception And Signalling In Higher Plants; Roman Ulm.
  • 15. Signal Transduction In Blue Light-Mediated Responses; Vera Quecini And Emmanuel Liscum.

Part 4: Signal Transduction In Photomorphogenesis:

  • 16. General Introduction; Peter H. Quail.
  • 17. Phytochrome Signal Transduction Network; Peter H. Quail.
  • 18. The Function Of The COP/DET/FUS Proteins In Controlling Photomorphogenesis: A Role For Regulated Proteolysis; Elizabeth Strickland, Vicente Rubio And Xing Wang Deng.
  • 19. Biochemical And Molecular Analysis Of Signalling Components; Christian Fankhauser And Chris Bowler.
  • 20. The Photoreceptor Interaction Network; Jorge José Casal;
  • 21. Interaction Of Light And Hormone Signalling To Mediate Photomorphogenesis; Michael M. Neff, Ian H. Street, Edward M. Turk And Jason M. Ward.

Part 5: Selected Topics:

  • 22. The Roles Of Phytochromes In Adult Plants; Keara A. Franklin And Garry C. Whitelam.
  • 23. A Role For Chlorophyll Precursors In Plastid-Tonucleus Signaling; Robert M. Larkin And Joanne Chory.
  • 24. Photomorphogenesis Of Ferns; Takeshi Kanegae And Masamitsu Wada.
  • 25. Photomorphogenesis Of Mosses; Tilman Lamparter.
  • 26. Circadian Regulation Of Photomorphogenesis; Paul Devlin.
  • 27. The Molecular Genetics Of Photoperiodic Responses: Comparisons Between Long-Day And Short-Day Species; George Coupland.
  • 28. Commercial Applications Of Photomorphogenesis Research; Ganga Rao Davuluri And Chris Bowler.
  • 29. Photomorphogenesis - Where Now?; Harry Smith.


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