Photosystem II - The Light-Driven Water:Plastoquinone Oxidoreductase

Edited by Wydrzynski, Thomas J.; Satoh, Kimiyuki 
Springer  December 2005  

Hardback  786 pp  ISBN 9781402042492      £350.00
The most mysterious part of photosynthesis yet the most important for all aerobic life on Earth (including ourselves) is how green plants, algae and cyanobacteria make atmospheric oxygen from water. This thermodynamically difficult process is only achieved in Nature by the unique pigment/protein complex known as Photosystem II, using sunlight to power the reaction. The present volume contains 34 comprehensive chapters authored by 75 scientific experts from around the world. It gives an up-to-date account on all what is currently known about the molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics and physiology of Photosystem II.

The book is divided into several parts detailing the protein constituents, functional sites, tertiary structure, molecular dynamics, and mechanisms of homeostasis. The book ends with a comparison of Photosystem II with other related enzymes and bio-mimetic systems. Since the unique water-splitting chemistry catalyzed by Photosystem II leads to the production of pure oxygen gas and has the potential for making hydrogen gas, a primary goal of this book is to provide a molecular guide to future protein engineers and bio-mimetic chemists in the development of biocatalysts for the generation of clean, renewable energy from sunlight and water.

Of interest to graduate students and researchers in photosynthesis, plant molecular biology, plant biochemistry and biophysics, environmental stress, protein engineering, bio-mimetic chemistry


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Dedication/Perspective:A Tribute to Jerry Babcock, C.F. Yocum, R.E. Blankenship, S.Ferguson-Miller.

Part I: A Perspective of Photosystem II Research:

  • 1.Introduction to Photosystem II; K. Satoh et al.- Part II: Protein Constituents of Photosystem II:
  • 2. The Distal and Extrinsic Photosystem II Antennas; B. R. Green & E. Gantt
  • 3.The CP47 and CP43 Core Antenna Components; J.J. Eaton-Rye & C. Putnam-Evans
  • 4. The D1 and D2 Core Proteins; P. J. Nixon et al.
  • 5.The Extrinsic Proteins of Photosystem II; T.M. Bricker & R.L. Burnap.
  • 6.The Low Molecular Weight Proteins of Photosystem II; L. E. Thornton et al.

Part III: Organization of the Functional Sites in Photosystem II:

  • 7. Primary Electron Transfer; G. Renger & A. R. Holzwarth.
  • 8.The Iron-Quinone Acceptor Complex; V. Petrouleas & A. R. Crofts.
  • 9.The Redox-Active Tyrosines YZ and YD; B. A. Diner & R.D.Britt.
  • 10. The Catalytic Manganese Cluster: Organization of the Metal Ions; V. K. Yachandra.
  • 11. The Catalytic Manganese Cluster: Protein Ligation; R.J. Debus.
  • 12.The Catalytic Manganese Cluster: Implications from Spectroscopy; K.A. Ċhrling et al.
  • 13. The Calcium and Chloride Cofactors ; H. J. van Gorkom & C.F. Yocum.
  • 14. Bicarbonate Interactions; J.J.S. van Rensen & V.V. Klimov
  • 15.The Side-Path Electron Donors: Cytochrome b559, Chlorophyll Z and ß-Carotene; P. Faller et al

Part IV: The Structural Basis for Photosystem II:

  • 16.Molecular Analysis by Vibrational Spectroscopy; T. Noguchi & C. Berthomieu.
  • 17. Configuration of Electron Transport Components Studied by EPR Spectroscopy; R. Bittl & A. Kawamori.
  • 18. Structural Analysis of the Photosystem II Core/Antenna Holocomplex by Electron Microscopy; B. Hankamer et al.
  • 19. Photosystem II: Structural Elements, the First 3D-Crystal Structure and Functional Implications; H. T. Witt.
  • 20.3D Structure of the Photosystem II Core; J-Ren Shen & N.Kamiya.
  • 21.Refined X-Ray Structure of Photosystem II and Its Implications; J. Barber & S.Iwata.

Part V: Molecular Dynamics of Photosystem II:

  • 22. Energy Trapping and Equilibration: A Balance of Regulation and Efficiency; L. M.C. Barter et al
  • 23.The Role of Carotenoids in Energy Quenching; B.J. Pogson et al .
  • 24.Flash-Induced Oxygen Evolution and Other Oscillatory Processes; V. Shinkarev
  • 25.Mechanism of Photosynthetic Oxygen Production.- W. Hillier & J. Messinger.

Part VI: Assembly and Biodynamics of Photosystem II:

  • 26. Photo-Assembly of the Catalytic Manganese Cluster; G..C.Dismukes et al.
  • 27. Photoinactivation and Mechanisms of Recovery; W.S. Chow & E-M. Aro.
  • 28.Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Photosystem II Gene Expression; K. Yamaguchi et al.
  • 29.Photosystem II Protein Transport and Post-Translational Processing; S. M. Theg & L-X Shi.

Part VII: Comparison of Photosystem II with Other Natural/Artificial Systems:

  • 30.Origin and Evolution of Photosynthetic Oxygen Production; G..C. Dismukes & R.E. Blankenship.
  • 31.Mechanistic Comparisons between Photosystem II and Cytochrome c Oxidase; G. W. Brudvig & M.Wikström.
  • 32.Mimicking the Properties of Photosystem II in Purple Bacterial Reaction Centers; L. Kálmán, et al.
  • 33.De Novo Protein Design in Respiration and Photosynthesis; B.R.Gibney & C. Tommos.
  • 34.Understanding Photosystem II Function by Artificial Photosynthesis; A. Magnuson et al.


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