Seagrasses: Biology, Ecology and Conservation

Edited by Larkum, Anthony W.D.; Orth, Robert J.; Duarte, Carlos M. 
Springer  2006  

Hardback  691 pp  ISBN 9781402029424      £90.00
Seagrasses are unique plants; the only group of flowering plants to recolonise the sea. They occur on every continental margin, except Antarctica, and form ecosystems which have important roles in fisheries, fish nursery grounds, prawn fisheries, habitat diversity and sediment stabilisation. Over the last two decades there has been an explosion of research and information on all aspects of seagrass biology. However the compilation of all this work into one book has not been attempted previously.

In this book experts in 26 areas of seagrass biology present their work in chapters which are state-of-the-art and designed to be useful to students and researchers alike. The book not only focuses on what has been discovered but what exciting areas are left to discover. The book is divided into sections on taxonomy, anatomy, reproduction, ecology, physiology, fisheries, management, conservation and landscape ecology. It is destined to become the chosen text on seagrasses for any marine biology course.

Of interest to marine biologists, plant scientists interested in hydrophytes, plant ecology, clonal systems, plant genetics and plant evolution, animal scientists interested in inshore ecosystems, fish and fisheries, geographers, environmental managers and geoscientists


1 Taxonomy and Biogeography of Seagrasses,C. den Hartog and John Kuo
2 Seagrass Evolution, Ecology and Conservation: A Genetic Perspective, Michelle Waycott, Gabriele Procaccini, Donald H. Les and Thorsten B. H. Reusch
3 Seagrass Morphology, Anatomy, and Ultrastructure, J. Kuo and C. den Hartog
4 Sexual Reproduction of Seagrasses: Pollination in the Marine Context, Josef Daniel Ackerman
5 Ecology of Seagrass Seeds and Dispersal Strategies, Robert J. Orth, Matthew C. Harwell and Graeme J. Inglis
6. Seagrass Beds and Coastal Biogeochemistry, Nuria Marb` a, Marianne Holmer, Esperanca Gacia and Christina Barron
7 Carbon Flux in Seagrass Ecosystems , Miguel A. Mateo, Just Cebri an, Kenneth Dunton, and Troy Mutchler
8 Fluid Dynamics in Seagrass Ecology-from Molecules to Ecosystems, Evamaria W. Koch, Joseph D. Ackerman, Jennifer Verduin and Michael van Keulen
9 Nutrients Dynamics in Seagrass Ecosystems , Javier Romero, Kun-Seop Lee, Marta Perez, Miguel A. Mateo, and Teresa Alcoverro
10 Oxygen Movement in Seagrasses , Jens Borum, Kaj Sand-Jensen, Thomas Binzer, Ole Pedersen, and Tina Maria Greve
11 Dynamics of Seagrass Stability and Change, Carlos M. Duarte, James W. Fourqurean, Dorte Krause-Jensen, and Birgit Olesen
12 Aquatic Optics: Basic Concepts for Understanding How Light Affects Seagrasses and Makes them Measurable from Space, Richard C. Zimmerman and Arnold G. Dekker
13 Light and Photosynthesis in Seagrass Meadows, Richard C. Zimmerman
14 Photosynthesis and Metabolism in Seagrasses at the Cellular Level, Anthony W. D. Larkum, Edward A. Drew, and Peter J. Ralph
15 Remote Sensing of Seagrass Ecosystems: Use of Spaceborne and Airborne Sensors, Arnold Dekker, Vittorio Brando, Janet Anstee, Suzanne Fyfe, Timothy Malthus and Evanthia Karpouzli
16 Zostera: Biology, Ecology, and Management, Kenneth A. Moore and Frederick T. Short
17 Biology of Posidonia, Gerard Pergent, Gilles Lepoint, Jean-Marie Bouquegneau, Patrick Dauby, Christine Pergent-Martini, and Diana I. Walker Sylvie Gobert, Marion L. Cambridge, Branco Velimirov,
18 The Biology of Thalassia: Paradigms and Recent Advances in Research, Brigitta I. van Tussenbroek, Jan A. Vonk, Johan Stapel, Paul L. A. Erftemeijer, Jack J. Middelburg, and Jay C. Zieman
19 Epiphytes of Seagrasses, Michael A. Borowitzka, Paul S. Lavery, and Mike van Keulen
20 The Central Role of Grazing in Seagrass Ecology, John F. Valentine and J. Emmett Duffy
21 Seagrasses, Fish, and Fisheries, Bronwyn M. Gillanders
22 Predation in Seagrass Beds, Kenneth L. Heck and Robert J. Orth
23 Decline and Recovery of Seagrass Ecosystems-The Dynamics of Change Diana I. Walker, Gary A. Kendrick, and Arthur J. McComb
25 Seagrass Conservation Biology: An Interdisciplinary Science for Protection of the Seagrass Biome, W. Judson Kenworthy, Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria, Robert G. Coles, Gerard Pergent and Christine Pergent-Martini
26 Seagrass Ecology: New Contributions from a Landscape Perspective, Susan S. Bell, Mark S. Fonseca, and Nathaniel B. Stafford

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