Advanced analysis of gene expression microarray data

Aidong Zhang 
World Scientific Press  June 2006  

Hardback  365 pp  ISBN 9789812566454      £53.00
This book focuses on the development and application of the latest advanced data mining, machine learning, and visualization techniques for the identification of interesting, significant, and novel patterns in gene expression microarray data.

Biomedical researchers will find this book invaluable for learning the cutting-edge methods for analyzing gene expression microarray data. Specifically, the coverage includes the following state-of-the-art methods:

  • Gene-based analysis: the latest novel clustering algorithms to identify co-expressed genes and coherent patterns in gene expression microarray data sets
  • Sample-based analysis: supervised and unsupervised methods for the reduction of the gene dimensionality to select significant genes. A series of approaches to disease classification and discovery are also described
  • Pattern-based analysis: methods for ascertaining the relationship between (subsets of) genes and (subsets of) samples. Various novel pattern-based clustering algorithms to find the coherent patterns embedded in the sub-attribute spaces are discussed
  • Visualization tools: various methods for gene expression data visualization. The visualization process is intended to transform the gene expression data set from high-dimensional space into a more easily understood two- or three-dimensional space.

Of interest to researchers and graduate students in bioinformatics, computational biology and biocomputing.


  • Basic Concepts of Molecular Biology
  • Overview of Microarray Experiments
  • Analysis of Differentially-Expressed Genes
  • Gene-Based Analysis
  • Sample-Based Analysis
  • Pattern-Based Analysis
  • Visualization of Microarray Data
  • New Trends in Mining Gene Expression Microarray Data
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