Large scale genome sequence processing

Masahiro Kasahara & Shinichi Morishita 
Imperial College Press  July 2006  

Hardback  248 pp  ISBN 9781860946356      £72.00
Efficient computer programs have made it possible to elucidate and analyze large-scale genomic sequences. Fundamental tasks, such as the assembly of numerous whole-genome shotgun fragments, the alignment of complementary DNA sequences with a long genome, and the design of gene-specific primers or oligomers, require efficient algorithms and state-of-the-art implementation techniques. This textbook emphasizes basic software implementation techniques for processing large-scale genome sequences and provides executable sample programs.

Of interest to advanced undergraduate students in computer science and biology; biotechnology and computer industry and non-experts interested in advanced genome processing algorithms.


  • Simple String Search
  • Sorting
  • Lookup Tables
  • Suffix Arrays
  • Space-Efficient String Search
  • Approximate String Search
  • Seeded Alignments
  • Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing.
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