Biology of wastewater treatment

N F Gray 
Imperial College Press  April 2004  

Hardback  1444 pp  ISBN 9781860943287      £261.00

Softcover  1444 pp  ISBN 9781860943324      £157.00
This comprehensive text provides the reader with both a detailed reference and a unified course on wastewater treatment. Aimed at scientists and engineers, it deals with the environmental and biological aspects of wastewater treatment and sludge disposal.

The book starts by examining the nature of wastewaters and how they are oxidized in the natural environment. An introductory chapter deals with wastewater treatment systems and examines how natural principles have been harnessed by man to treat his own waste in specialist reactors. The role of organisms is considered by looking at kinetics, metabolism and the different types of micro-organisms involved. All the major biological process groups are examined in detail, in highly referenced chapters; they include fixed film reactors, activated sludge, stabilization ponds, anaerobic systems and vegetative processes.

Sludge treatment and disposal is examined with particular reference to the environmental problems associated with the various disposal routes. A comprehensive chapter on public health looks at the important waterborne organisms associated with disease, as well as removal processes within treatment systems.

Biotechnology has had an enormous impact on wastewater treatment at every level, and this is explored in terms of resource reuse, biological conversion processes and environmental protection. Finally, there is a short concluding chapter that looks at the sustainability of waste water treatment. The text is fully illustrated and supported by over 3000 references.

Of interest to graduate students in wastewater technology.


  • How Nature Deals with Waste
  • How Man Deals with Waste
  • The Role of Organisms
  • Fixed-Film Reactors
  • Activated Sludge
  • Natural Treatment Systems
  • Anaerobic Unit Processes
  • Sludge Treatment and Disposal
  • Public Health
  • Biotechnology and Wastewater Treatment
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