Molecular to global photosynthesis

Edited by Mary D Archer & James Barber 
Imperial College Press  May 2004  

Hardback  788 pp  ISBN 9781860942563      £194.00
Green plants and photosynthetic organisms are the Earth's natural photoconverters of solar energy. In future, biomass and bioenergy will become increasingly significant energy sources, making a contribution both to carbon dioxide abatement and to the security, diversity and sustainability of global energy supplies. In this book, experts provide a series of authoritative chapters on the intricate mechanisms of photosynthesis and the potential for using and improving photosynthetic organisms, plants and trees to sequester carbon dioxide and to provide fuel and useful chemicals for the benefit of man.

Of interest to biologists, biochemists, plant scientists, environmentalists and ecologists.


  • Photosynthesis and Photoconversion (J Barber & M D Archer)
  • Light Absorption and Harvesting (A Holzwarth)
  • Electron Transfer in Photosynthesis (W Leibl & P Mathis)
  • Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation (G E Edwards & D A Walker)
  • Regulation of Photosynthesis in Higher Plants (D Godde & J F Bornman)
  • The Role of Aquatic Photosynthesis in Solar Energy Conversion: A Geoevolutionary Perspective (P G Falkowski, R Geider & J A Raven)
  • Useful Products from Algal Photosynthesis (R Martinez & Z Dubinsky)
  • Hydrogen Production by Photosynthetic Microorganisms (V A Boichenko, E Greenbaum & M Seibert)
  • Photoconversion and Energy Crops (M J Bullard)
  • The Production of Biofuels by Thermal Chemical Processing of Biomass (A V Bridgwater & K Maniatis)
  • Photosynthesis and the Global Carbon Cycle (D Schimel)
  • Management of Terrestrial Vegetation to Mitigate Climate Change (R Tipper & R Carr)
  • Biotechnology: Its Impact and Future Prospects (D J Murphy)
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